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Giveaway Pictures!

Giveaway Pictures!

I know you have all been waiting to see the exciting giveaway pictures! We currently have 10 readers entered in the giveaway for the kitchen scrubbies. Purchasing a facial scrubbie set for $10 enters you to win the set of 5 Kitchen scrubbies. Check them out! A winner will be drawn Sunday Night at 6pm!


I’m dwelling on the future tonight
In our house that seems a bit too big for four.
I’m making plans and signing my name on dotted lines,
While friends in Texas buy wares
to bring our baby home.
And grandparents crochet quietly
knowing each turn of the yarn helps
a child in need.
And We work each day
and dream each day
of ways to speed the clock,
of ways to find the means
to change one life
to bring our baby home.
We is not us, we is us all
It takes you, It takes me
to change one life
And words can’t express
the gratitude felt
when you step forward,
take our hands
and join our dreams
to bring our baby home.

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