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6pm drawing… rain or shine


We allowed Elliott to pick the winner from his froggy rain boot due to the current weather… and boredom from being stuck indoors.


The winner of the 5-piece Kitchen scrubbie set is: Elizabeth Bailey!
Here is E showing off the winning name, kinda fuzzy, it’s from my cell phone!

6pm drawing… rain or shine

After the crazy day we’ve had I wasn’t sure I was going to be here to do the drawing tonight.  We are having massive flooding here in middle Tennessee and many of the roads are un-passable.  I headed to Long Hollow this morning at 7am, thinking this would all pass over.  About an hour or so later my co-worker Chad saved the Subaru from certain flooding as the water quickly expanded the Duck Pond into the church parking lot.  Hendersonville is a lake folks.  Several of us were stuck at the church for awhile, services were canceled, and by 11am I decided to make a dash for home.  I almost got stuck in the water a few times but made it to our neighborhood entrance and discovered that only 50 or so feet ahead the water had completely taken over the road.  The police were there blocking off the area.  So thankfully I made it home and we get to have our giveaway drawing despite this weather!

Creek! from Calvin Ho on Vimeo.

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