Archive - May 20, 2010

Gearing up for the Garage Sale

Gearing up for the Garage Sale

We are planning to hold a garage sale over Memorial Weekend to raise some moolah for the adoption.  We are ready to send off our dossier, but we lack funding. Therefore we are pulling out all the stops to keep this train moving forward. My mom and sister are graciously putting on a little garage sale themselves.  This is a great time to donate used stuff, perhaps your Goodwill pile, to a good cause.  We won’t turn anything away.  If you live in the Charleston, SC area just let Gwen ( or Erin ( know and they will make arrangements to collect your items.  Hendersonville and Nashville folks, give us a holla and we’ll gladly take your stuff off your hands!  And Texas friends, don’t feel left out, a Houston sale is in the works (date TBD).

We are praying for good weather and lots of bargain hunters on memorial weekend!

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