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An unexpected surprise
We have some pretty awesome t-shirts
Consuming grief
Thank You!
A World Away
The things we can control…

An unexpected surprise

Calvin and I have been staffing World Changers projects for quite some time now. In fact, that’s how we met, fell in love etc. In June I was the project coordinator for the Nashville WC project, which is where we were when we got some exciting news. I checked my email that evening after the worship service and found a facebook message from our friends from Seminary Jon and Anna Palmer. (also adopting from Ethiopia!) Anna had written that their friend, a graphic designer, had looked at our blog, got a feel for us and designed a t-shirt to be sold to benefit our adoption fund! Not only that, but the church fronted the money for the printing! Then I clicked on the file to view the design… it was just so perfect. It captured the spirit of my post “Why Ethiopia?” I cried tears of joy, which in turn scared our summer staff who of course thought something was wrong with me.

So that brings us to the present, and our awesome t-shirts.  Oh, and did I mention that they not only printed them, but also sold them at camps??  Yes, we have amazing friends.

Most importantly we serve an amazing God who showers his blessings upon us, who continually reminds me that he will deliver even when my faith waivers.  He never falls short, He is perfect, He is all that I cannot be… He is with my baby even now.  It’s mind-boggling to think that the Lord is preparing us to parent a child that is a world away, what an honor and privilege.

We have some pretty awesome t-shirts

There is an incredible story behind these t-shirts, one that I’m going to save for my next blog post.  If you would like to be the lucky new owner of one of our “Don’t Forget Africa” shirts check out our t-shirt store.  $20 includes shipping for those out of town, $18 for those we can hand deliver.  The shirts will be shipped the first week of August. 100% of the profit goes to our adoption fund.

Consuming grief

There are days when I wear poverty around my neck, dangling like a iron lock and chain.

I have always mourned the wasted lives across our globe, dying needlessly for lack of food and water. But knowing Liam, knowing my son, has heightened my awareness and rendered me incapable of ever pretending, for even one second, that poverty is acceptable… part of the cycle.

Grieving for poverty, recoiling in shock when we come upon the disturbing, sicking pictures of hunger and thirst just isn’t enough anymore. When I think back on my life and how I claimed to love Africa, to grieve for third world countries… I have to ask, “what did I do?” Not much. Materialism is seductive, she invites us in and satisfies us for a brief moment only to require more and more until we are ruined by her continual beckoning. I’ve given myself over too many times.

However, wallowing in regret for deeds undone is never productive. We move forward in the light of what we know, letting that knowledge drive us, not drown us.

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those being crushed. Yes, speak up for the poor and helpless, and see that they get justice.
Proverbs 31:8-9

Thank You!

Here’s a big Thank you to the following families and individuals who have donated to Liam’s adoption fund this past month:

Brent and Candace Doriety
Krystal Jenkins
Brian and Tracie Hirschler

We can’t thank you enough sweet friends!

A World Away

The world is so much bigger than our own front yard, so much bigger than the city we grew up in, so much bigger than the country to which we pledge allegiance.

Children across this nation and across the world number in the billions. Too many to count or even guess. Of those billions, that are too many to count, there is a staggering number of children who are exposed to unspeakable circumstances. Starvation, slavery and human trafficking, child prostitution, severe abuse, even death. These are hard, evil issues to look in the eye. It seems all too easy to watch the news at night, learning of the abuses that happen in our very communities and although sickened by the thought, go about life as usual. Across the oceans children are forced into labor, fearing their lives daily. Children slave in sweltering warehouses creating goods that make it onto our shelves. Are we aware of what we buy, where it comes from? The weight of these issues bears down on me today as I dwell here in middle class America. Sure we are in a recession, but we ooze with wealth when compared to so much of the world. What would it take to heighten our awareness just a little, to reach out and touch the lives of children in our country and nations away? Some may respond to this saying “Sure we can do something, but where is God in the midst of their tragedy?” He is moving in the hearts of many, stirring them to take action. Holding the church responsible to do more than disciple their own. He is present with the innocent child when they suffer the worst and he brings them home when they don’t make it in this world. He is there, and He is asking us to join him.


The things we can control…

There are things about this process that have been exciting and others that have seemingly sucked time from our very hands. Paperwork being the number one sucker. However, with the recent elimination of the paper chase I find myself mourning the release of control. You see, we were able to complete our paperwork in a fairly expedient manner. I was quite on top of things, making the dossier a priority in our daily life. I made sure it went smoothly and double checked for accuracy like a pro. Now that it is complete, others will determine how quickly we move through the remainder of the adoption process. It is a time for waiting. A waiting like one we have never experienced. Pregnancy is a different kind of waiting because you are still somewhat in control. You eat right, you talk to your round belly and you do the unspeakable… cut your caffeine intake. Who knows if any of these things do wonders for our little beans, but we cling to the notion that our kids reap the benefits and will be ten times smarter due to our faithful prenatal vitamin taking. As we wait for our third child, our son, Liam… I can’t be there to impose my nutritional standards or be sure that he has enough eye contact in the first days of life. And there lies the difference…
Obviously we’ve surrendered this process to the Lord. But it’s still, as I said, a different kind of waiting. One that takes patience and preparation. Preparing for sweet Liam who is already ours in our hearts but who will need time and a lot of help to get used to being ours. The one thing that mirrors bring pregnant with a child is the way we are so in love already, the way we imagine our lives with him in it, holding him for the first time, imagining who he will become and dreaming big dreams for his future. Those things don’t change, but of course we can’t control that either. (=

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