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Beauty in Chaos

Beauty in Chaos

Last Saturday I had a good talk with some guys that have already been to Ethiopia to adopt. Naturally the conversation turned into what to expect (goat heads laying around, dripping cold showers, dirty bathrooms, tons of people compressed into a small amount of space) followed by what to pack (cliff bars, water purifier, a year’s supply of wet wipes). Listening to these guys was pretty frightening and hard to comprehend but it made me more excited to go. As many of you know, I’m not a risk taker so this is not just another “adventure” to cross off of my list by any means. I think it just means I’m ready and anxious. I can’t say I’ve felt this same way 3 months ago.

Later in our talks, we tried to wrap our heads around how in the world does this country, and others like it, function? I don’t know but this is the beauty in the chaos.

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– Calvin

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