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We received a matching grant!

We received a matching grant!

What does this mean, you ask? It means that ABBA Fund will match dollar for dollar any donations starting today until September 30th! Therefore, if you were to make a $20 donation through ABBA fund it would result in a $40 donation to our adoption fund!! Gifts given through ABBA will also be TAX DEDUCTIBLE. You simply download the donor card, include your gift and send it in. ABBA will send you a receipt that you can claim on your taxes. If you make a donation, please leave a comment below stating the amount so that we can add them up in real time. It will be amazing to see how the funds add up and multiply as we go.

To donate, please download this form. It will give you exact directions for submitting funds to ABBA on our behalf: Donation Card

With the help of our matching grant we have the potential to raise a huge chunk of the adoption expenses in just a 30 day window. If you are unable to give financially at this time please join us as we bathe this effort in prayer. We desperately need this funding and we are putting this in God’s hands, asking him to astound us with his provisions. When you pray for us, please pray BIG! And please share on Facebook and Twitter!

(you can visit the abba fund here)

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