Archive - August 31, 2010

5 years and counting

5 years and counting

Can’t believe it’s been 5 years since Katrina. Erica and I went in a direction that I could never have imagined.

In that time, a lot has happened:

Erica moved to New Orleans to attend graduate school at NOBTS
Calvin moved to New Orleans for an entry-level job and rented an apartment a week before Katrina
(and to date Erica)
Evacuated to Jackson, MS (a 12-hour drive that is normally 3 hours)
Moved to Charleston, SC after realizing we’ve lost everything (which wasn’t a lot to begin with)
(Calvin’s apartment after Katrina)

Got Married

Moved to Baton Rouge, LA (for a couple months) then back to New Orleans, LA (lived in a church for a couple of weeks)

Found out our family of two would become a family of three!

Elliott came into the world

Moved to Nashville, TN
Charlotte came into the world

Built a house in Hendersonville, TN
Started the adoption process

Some of our newest friends don’t even know this much about us. We’ve made lifelong friends through this journey and are thankful for each of you. God knew our steps before we did and what a crazy ride it’s been. We faithfully believe He will continue to provide direction for our family.

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