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Enjoying Today
And the winner is…
Giveaway and Yard Sale
A heart full of hope and a garage full of stuff
Good Times with CAFE North
Grants, T-Shirts and Waiting Lists
Something Good

Enjoying Today

I sincerely wish I had something exciting to post.  Something like “hey, we got our referral!”  But alas no such news.  Our agency gave five referrals last month, however, so that is wonderful for those five families and children.

Still, I work very hard not to wish these days away.  I have my husband and two wee ones at home to pour into.  The minutes I have with them over the next few months of waiting are precious, I can’t ever get them back.  So as much as I am tempted to wish I could fast forward to the day Liam comes home, I realize that’s just not a wise idea.

I’m thinking of you tonight baby boy.  My heart aches that you’re not snuggled up with us.  I love you Liam.

And the winner is…

Friends, let me first say thank you so much for spreading the word through your various forms of social media.  Your posting resulted in the highest traffic to date.  Yesterday was the record breaker and today came in at a close second.  We could not do this without the support of our friends and readers.  You all play a vital role in bringing Liam home.

So… on to announce the winner: Pamela Ferguson!  Pamela wins a t-shirt and a coffee bean bracelet.  Enjoy Pamela, and thanks for spreading the word!

ALSO, we raised $465 at our yard sale today!  We were so busy, and hot, and tired that I didn’t take a single picture.  SO unlike me!  Calvin and I rose at an early 3:45am to set up and had our first customers at 5:45am.  Pretty nuts.  Made for a long day but it was so worth it.  Thank you again to our friends who donated items!

Giveaway and Yard Sale

HENDERSONVILLE FOLKS – here are details on our yard sale tomorrow, please come out and support us —

Now for the real post. I’ve been planning to do this for awhile, and passing the $6,000 mark on our fund raising seemed like a great thing to celebrate. A few days ago we were $61 short of reaching $6,000…and this is what happened: sold two pair of shoes on ebay, sold one t-shirt, and sold a tv and armoir on craigslist that was donated by our dear friends. The result, we passed $6,000 and landed on $6,079….so that was $140 raised in two days!  Pretty sweet if you ask me.  So I’m guessing you want to know about the giveaway right?  Okay, here it is.

We are giving away one of our t-shirts (you choose S, M or L) and one coffee bean bracelet. Don’t know what that is? Click HERE.

Here’s how to enter: Leave a comment on this post, post our blog in your facebook status, post to twitter, or comment on our facebook page.  If you post our blog in your status please let me know so that I don’t fail to enter your name.  You get one entry for each place to you post to… Therefore if you twitter it, blog it, facebook it and whatever else it…. you get three entries. Cool? Okay then! Spread the word and win a t-shirt and bracelet!

And just in case you forgot how amazing our t-shirts are, check out our super sweet friends Emily and Ethan Jones.  They are sporting Liam’s shirts in Forth Worth, Texas!

A heart full of hope and a garage full of stuff

We are preparing for fund-raising garage sale numero dos!  I’m not sure what inner desire leads me to type in Spanish when referring to numbers.  After all, I chose to take German throughout high school and college.  And here’s the funny part, I have no clue how to spell “two” in German (Auf Deutsch).  I can say, but not spell it.  This problem must directly correlate with the fact that I used the Yahoo English to German online translator to write all of my college level German papers.  I apologize for that, Herr Schmidt.

Back to the garage sale.

We have some good stuff folks.  And a lot of it.  The garage is quite full of home decor, Christmas and Fall Decor, light fixtures, Home Improvement items, small appliances, Abercrombie clothes, books and small furniture.  It’s very exciting to ponder what the monetary outcome of this sale will be.  So once again, we are praying for really good weather and big crowds.

Side Note: There are NINE days left to make a donation through our matching grant system with Abba Fund!  Click HERE for details.

Good Times with CAFE North

The weather was beautiful today, a little on the hot side, but nice nonetheless.  Which made it a wonderful day to host our fellow Adoptive families.  We are so fortunate to have several families in Sumner county who have adopted from Ethiopia or are in the process.  It’s such a beautiful, whole feeling to be in the presence of sweet little ones who have already come to their forever families.  It’s so encouraging to just be around other moms and dads who are in our boat… waiting… figuring all of this out.  Here’s a picture of the moms.  We are missing a couple here, but still a pretty good showing! (I’m in the middle of the top row)

Grants, T-Shirts and Waiting Lists

Three things today.

#1: There are twenty-two days left to make a donation and have it matched through Abba Fund.  Read this post for information on how to donate.  Once again, this means if you donate $20 it becomes $40! Oh, and did I mention that it’s tax-deductible?

#2: We have sold out of XL shirts, but we have several small, medium and large available.

#3: We have moved up two spots on the waiting list for our little one. And please don’t let the term waiting list fool you, this does not mean that there are not enough children to place. We are just waiting as the correct procedures are followed that make children available and ready for inter-country adoption. This is a time of joy and sadness. Joy that we are closer to our adoption and Sadness when we dwell on the process they must go through, the things they will experience; separation and abandonment.

For a moment I almost ended on that very disheartening comment. And then I thought about our sweet friends the Humphreys and the Scotts. They are preparing to travel and meet their children for the first time. What a glorious moment it will be when they lay eyes on them.  Now that’s a positive end to this entry.

Something Good

I’ve heard these two words quite often in the last eight months.  I hear them and sometimes nod my head, not knowing how to respond without shifting into a preachy “God put this on our heart” mode.  Sometimes people just want to hear their words acknowledged and sometimes I oblige.  And sometimes I do take the preachy, but true, route and explain how this is not of ourselves but a calling from God himself.  In truth I’m completely humbled and somewhat astounded that months from now we will actually be allowed to fly to Ethiopia, scoop up our son and bring him home.

That’s not really the  point of this post.

What I want to lay out tonight are the things that eat at me when I lay down to sleep.  A bloggy sort of therapy if you will.  I read our country update from the adoption agency shortly after dinner and there are a few sentences that keep manifesting themselves.  “The orphan homes we visited in Ethiopia were literally naked, no food, no clothes for the children.”  Naked.  That one word stills me completely.  How do we even respond to that?  Not only are these children malnourished but they are NAKED.  I want to preface what I’m about to say with “now I understand that children in America need help too (because I do!)” but I’m going to leave my excuses out of it this time.  Love sees the naked and offers her shirt, she cries with motherless child, she crosses oceans to hold the dying… she knows NO boundary.

What keeps you up at night?  Orphans in Africa, the war in Iraq, kids in foster care, people dying of cancer, your friend’s rocky marriage… whatever it is, it most certainly involves people.  People who desperately need the love of God. Please let us claim that, let us BE love, let us BE Jesus to to hopeless.  Lord Jesus show us how to love like you.  Let our hearts stay in peril until we have reached as far as we can, losing ourselves and embracing you.  And by embracing you let us in turn embrace the least of these.

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