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Grants, T-Shirts and Waiting Lists

Grants, T-Shirts and Waiting Lists

Three things today.

#1: There are twenty-two days left to make a donation and have it matched through Abba Fund.  Read this post for information on how to donate.  Once again, this means if you donate $20 it becomes $40! Oh, and did I mention that it’s tax-deductible?

#2: We have sold out of XL shirts, but we have several small, medium and large available.

#3: We have moved up two spots on the waiting list for our little one. And please don’t let the term waiting list fool you, this does not mean that there are not enough children to place. We are just waiting as the correct procedures are followed that make children available and ready for inter-country adoption. This is a time of joy and sadness. Joy that we are closer to our adoption and Sadness when we dwell on the process they must go through, the things they will experience; separation and abandonment.

For a moment I almost ended on that very disheartening comment. And then I thought about our sweet friends the Humphreys and the Scotts. They are preparing to travel and meet their children for the first time. What a glorious moment it will be when they lay eyes on them.  Now that’s a positive end to this entry.

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