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A heart full of hope and a garage full of stuff

A heart full of hope and a garage full of stuff

We are preparing for fund-raising garage sale numero dos!  I’m not sure what inner desire leads me to type in Spanish when referring to numbers.  After all, I chose to take German throughout high school and college.  And here’s the funny part, I have no clue how to spell “two” in German (Auf Deutsch).  I can say, but not spell it.  This problem must directly correlate with the fact that I used the Yahoo English to German online translator to write all of my college level German papers.  I apologize for that, Herr Schmidt.

Back to the garage sale.

We have some good stuff folks.  And a lot of it.  The garage is quite full of home decor, Christmas and Fall Decor, light fixtures, Home Improvement items, small appliances, Abercrombie clothes, books and small furniture.  It’s very exciting to ponder what the monetary outcome of this sale will be.  So once again, we are praying for really good weather and big crowds.

Side Note: There are NINE days left to make a donation through our matching grant system with Abba Fund!  Click HERE for details.

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