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Want a Clean House?
Show Hope
Beautiful Children
SBC + Adoption
Buying with a Purpose
Balance Beam
The faces (and hands) behind the coffee bean bracelets
Race, Adoption and Everything in Between

Want a Clean House?

Holiday House Cleaning Special

In an effort to continue to raise funds for both adoption and my December Trip to Haiti I have decided to moonlight as a Holiday House Cleaner.  I have experience, so don’t be worried. (=  In fact, it’s how I paid the bills while in Seminary.

I have three dates open for Holiday cleanings.  I will schedule up to two cleanings per date:

Friday November 12th

Friday November 19th

Friday December 3rd

A Holiday Cleaning = A deep clean of your entire house.  Rates vary from $100-$150 based on the size of your home.  Please email me or send me a message for more details.

Why house cleaning you ask?  Well, I don’t know how to sew… but I can clean the heck out of any house.  I’ll do just about anything to bring our little one home.

Show Hope

Perhaps you have noticed the drastic change in our fund-raising total… it’s over to the right if you haven’t seen it.  With the arrival of a single letter we were able to add $3,000 to our funding!  A check will be sent straight to our adoption agency.  We applied for a Show Hope grant at the end of May and have patiently waited for a response until now.  If you don’t know what Show Hope is I highly recommend a visit to their website.  We are so thankful to everyone over at Show Hope and those who give generously to their organization.  However, we praise the Lord above all else.  He has been so faithful to us in this journey.

Beautiful Children

I am so blessed by the work I do with the Adoption Ministry at Long Hollow. Today I spent hours directing a video shoot featuring families who have adopted and who are currently in the adoption process. Seeing those precious children with their forever families is so beautiful, but it is also a constant reminder of those who are still waiting. My prayer is that the footage taken today will impact those who see it in November. I pray that at least one family in our congregation will be moved to action. We were all sitting on the fence at one point.  Perhaps this is the tool that will push them to leave their excuses behind and pursue the gift of adoption.

SBC + Adoption

In June, as part of my work with LifeWay, I went to the SBC convention in Orlando. Although I wasn’t fortunate enough to sit in the Pastor’s conference, I did hear about an exciting outcome that perked my interest. Not only did Russell Moore speak specifically on the topic of adoption, but the SBC also announced the launch of The Adoption Fund for Ministers, which will financially assist ministers in the adoption process, starting in 2011. What a way to put our money where our mouth is.
Last night (four months later) I watched a few messages from the Pastors Conference and was encouraged in many ways, in a time that seems so easy to not be.

To see all the messages from the Pastors Conference, click here. I haven’t watched them all, but go ahead and do yourself a favor by watching parts 16 (Russell Moore on adoption), 17 (Prayer for Adoptive Families), and 18 (Francis Chan). I tried to embed these but WordPress doesn’t seem to work with Mediasuite.


Buying with a Purpose

The following post is from another Adoptive mom’s blog.  There are some great items on the list!  As you think about shopping for the Holidays please consider using your purchases to support theses families and organizations.  Happy Shopping!



After a thought-provoking blog post from my sister-in-law Laura about “Buying with a purpose”, I began to compile a list of all the families and ministries I knew that were fundraising or selling merchandise to support their calling. Thank you to all the families who shared their blogs with me. Special thanks to Christi who also compiled some names and shared ideas with me! And a HUGE thank you to Laura for inspiring this list and for forwarding even MORE links my way! I hope this helps as you prepare for your holiday shopping this year. Please feel free to share this list on YOUR blogs to help raise awareness to all these great fundraisers and ultimately, God’s calling to care for the orphans!

If you would like YOUR fundraiser to be added to this list, please email me at


147 Gear Store
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Go-Seek-Love Shirts
Haggerty’s Adoption Shirts
Heart of Africa Shirts
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I Need Africa Tshirt
I Will Not Leave You As Orphans Shirts
I’m Adopted, You’re Adopted Tshirt
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Mulder Adoption Cookbook
WIPHAN Cookbook


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Lovin’ Much Adoption Bracelet
Orphaned No More – 3,000 Bracelets Campaign
Paracord Survival Bracelets
Sweet Tea Shoppe Etsy Store
Uganda Necklaces

Bags & Totes:

Craft and Couture Etsy Store
Haggerty’s Adoption Bags
Hunt’s Adoption Totebags
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One Family Tote
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Hair Accessories:

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A Day In The Life Christmas Cards
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Craft and Couture Etsy Store
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Haggerty’s Adoption Aprons


Africa Vinyl Decals
BabyCouture4aCause Etsy Store – Rhinestone Baby Shoes
Dolka Pots Etsy Store
Galindo’s Tagsies, Burpcloths, and Binky Links
Little Wonder’s Project Etsy Store
Mama Enat Etsy Store
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Wine Glass Charms

Balance Beam

Great illustration from Francis Chan. AND in under 4 minutes.

The faces (and hands) behind the coffee bean bracelets

Some of you are already sporting the coffee bean bracelets put together by these men and women. Well now you can put a name (sort of) to a face! These are young men and women who have been marginalized in the past because of their physical disabilities. Their two projects include creating and selling brooms in their local community and also selling these coffee bean bracelets. One man is now able to pay the full rent on his house. Another woman said that she is now off the streets and her six children attend school. You are helping replace their shame for pride, and at the same time, inching us closer to our adoption goal.

We especially want to thank the Stan Chang and the youth group over at Chinese Bible Church of Greater Boston. They found out about these bracelets and immediately wanted to know how to get them. Get yours today!

Race, Adoption and Everything in Between

I have wanted to write on this topic for quite some time.  I have been hesitant, not because I’m afraid of the response, but because I wanted to make sure I was ready.  Being ready means dealing with my issues first so that honesty will be the backbone of my words.

We are adopting an African child from Ethiopia.  Calvin is Chinese, I am white, our children are a lovely mix of those two.  In the beginning I thought being multi-ethnic gave us some kind of edge in this transracial adoption thing.  That somehow, because our color spectrum was already broader, it would be no big deal to continue that trend.  But I’ve come to find that transracial adoption IS a big deal.  We are, in essence, completely removing a child from his culture and his home.  Poverty stricken or not, Ethiopia is his homeland.  We will never be able to give him the rich cultural heritage that his mother and father could have if they were able.  Devastating poverty has robbed him of being healthy and growing up in his birth country.

I think the key to making this work is to celebrate Liam, his culture and his race.

Have you ever heard someone defend their color-blindness?  “One of my best friends growing up was black!”  What does that mean exactly?  That you were kind enough to be friends with a black person?  REALLY?  While statements like that are probably innocent enough why do we feel the need to use our friendships with those of the opposite race as some kind of good deed.  It’s right up there with whispering “black” when describing someone.  Why whisper it?  The person is obviously black, African American, I don’t think it’s a secret.  A large majority of our country has long viewed being black as being second place.  As progressive as we claim to be the mumblings are still there.

I’ve been part of conversations that include statements from the previous paragraph.  I’m always quick to say, “you do remember that I’m adopting an African child right?”  The response is usually something like “Oh, I’m not referring to your son, he will be different.”  Sorry, that’s not true… he’ll be black.  He will have big brown eyes and dark ebony skin.  He will be beautiful.  We will celebrate where he came from and do our best to make sure he never forgets Ethiopia.  We will take him there one day so he can see the beautiful, hard-working people he came from.  We will teach him that he is wonderful, that he can do anything.  There is no second, or third best color.  Everyone has a heritage worth celebrating.

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