Archive - October 4, 2010

The faces (and hands) behind the coffee bean bracelets

The faces (and hands) behind the coffee bean bracelets

Some of you are already sporting the coffee bean bracelets put together by these men and women. Well now you can put a name (sort of) to a face! These are young men and women who have been marginalized in the past because of their physical disabilities. Their two projects include creating and selling brooms in their local community and also selling these coffee bean bracelets. One man is now able to pay the full rent on his house. Another woman said that she is now off the streets and her six children attend school. You are helping replace their shame for pride, and at the same time, inching us closer to our adoption goal.

We especially want to thank the Stan Chang and the youth group over at Chinese Bible Church of Greater Boston. They found out about these bracelets and immediately wanted to know how to get them. Get yours today!

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