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On the Ninth day of Christmas… and guess what? Another Giveaway?
On the Eighth Day of Christmas…
On the Seventh day of Christmas… (g-i-v-e-a-w-a-y!)
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On the Third day of Christmas…(and a giveaway!)
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On the Ninth day of Christmas… and guess what? Another Giveaway?

The answer to that question is yes.  But first let me tell you a story.


The Cause: 100% of the proceeds assist families in their journey to adopt orphans worldwide. Every load of laundry means Hope and Home to these precious children.

Imagine that you and your husband have twins, a little boy, and two little girls.  Five kids, okay.  Now imagine that they are all five or under.  Tack on a pending adoption from Uganda and you’ve got some serious craziness going on.  That’s a snapshot of life with Andrew and Lora Lynn Fanning.  Out of such crazy wonderfulness came a great idea: HopeSuds.

HopeSuds is an all-natural but hard working laundry detergent chock full of great things like essential oils and baking soda.  It smells great and is gentle enough for sensitive skin.  Does it work, you ask?  Check out their testimony page which boasts funny stories about soy sauce stains.  And for me, a general rule of thumb is this: if a mom of five uses the product… it’s probably awesome.

I’m seeing potential stocking stuffers and teacher gifts here!

One bag will provide enough detergent for about 30-48 loads.  The formula is safe for HE machines, and did I mention ALL NATURAL?  For granola moms like me this is very exciting.  The green friendly/somewhat natural products at Target are more expensive than a bag of Hope Suds which comes in at an affordable $10 per bag.  Do laundry, Save Orphans.  What is Tide doing for the world lately?

Ready for the part where I announce the giveaway? I thought so.

HopeSuds is providing a bag of their Citrus and Unscented laundry detergent for two lucky winners! (each winner gets one bag)

How to enter (up to 3 entries per person):

1. Leave a comment on this post

2. Post this in your FB status (let me know you did this!)

3. Twitter it!

Good Luck!  I will announce the winners tomorrow morning!

HopeSuds on Facebook

On the Eighth Day of Christmas…


The Cause: Sustaining business for women in Africa.

From the folks that started Mocha Club, fashionABLE sells scarves made by women in Africa. We love the “teach a man to fish” (or woman in this case) approach and the best part, fashionABLE is able to share the names and faces of the beautiful women behind this handcrafted product. So get one for you (guys too!) or someone else, even better…

TODAY ONLY, fashionABLE is having a 25% off sale off of everything.
(make sure to check back with us tomorrow for a giveaway from our next featured business)


I am so excited to announce the winners for yesterdays Pitter Patter Art giveaway!  Congratulations to Emily Jones: you won the set of four key fobs.  Congratulations to Erica Shubin: you won the awesome t-shirt!  Please send me a message with your address and we will get these over to you!

So now the question is…who’s sad that they didn’t win today?

Well perk up ladies and gents… because I’m doing another giveaway tomorrow!!! Will draw two winners!  So please join us again tomorrow for a chance to win another very fun prize on the 9th day of Christmas.  Please stay tuned for today’s 8th day of Christmas as well.

Thank you for the great comments and please remember to check out Pitter Patter whenever you are looking for something unique and fun!

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On the Seventh day of Christmas… (g-i-v-e-a-w-a-y!)

Pitter Patter Art

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The Cause: All proceeds go towards helping the Kelleys adopt their second little boy from Ethiopia!

Oh my… where do I begin with Laura and Pitter Patter art??  She pretty much creates anything and everything.  Let’s start with the custom art work.

Using mixed media techniques Laura creates custom artwork including scriptures, childrens names, names of Jesus and much more.

Pitter Patter also takes custom orders for Key fobs and applique shirts.  Every shirt is unique in that the customer is able to specify their design AND their fabric choices (which seem to be endless).

Adoption tees are available for $20 shipped.  The design is based off of one of Laura’s beautiful mixed media pieces.  In addition, all donations made on their site (for their adoption) are thanked with a beautiful little Africa bracelet.

OKAY! So are you ready for the giveaway!  In keeping with Pitter Patter tradition Laura has gone above and beyond in what she has offered me for this giveaway. (Thanks Laura!) Up for grabs are the following items: a set of FOUR key fobs and one Adoption T-shirt (winner picks the size S, M, L, XL).

To Enter do the following (up to three entries per person): 1. Leave a comment on this post 2. Share this on Facebook (let me know you did this!) 3. Share on Twitter

Need a little more incentive?  Here are pictures of the giveaways!

On the Sixth day of Christmas…

Junk Posse

The Cause: Passion with a Purpose; when you purchase items from Junk Posse you help to support several non-profit groups including Children’s Hope Chest, Water for Christmas, Adopting families and much more.  All jewelry is designed by Tracy Hanson.

Junk Posse is perfect for the person who wants their jewelry to do more than just look pretty.  The designs are edgy, a little rough around the edges (literally), and each piece tells a unique story.  For instance, the From Russia with Love design sports the name of the child in the center.  What a great reminder of your child’s journey to your heart.  What I love most about the designs is that Tracy covers a lot of bases with her countries.  She offers items that celebrate Russia, Africa, Guatemala, China, Thailand and Haiti.  This piece about Haiti, which supports Childrens Hope Chest says it all:


On the Fifth day of Christmas…

TOMS Shoes

The Cause: With every pair of shoes you purchase TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One for One.

It’s no secret that Calvin and I LOVE TOMS shoes. They are fun, comfy and the best part?  You get to choose where you send the other pair of shoes.  I sent my last pair to Ethiopia.  (=  A leading cause of disease in developing countries is soil-transmitted diseases, which can penetrate the skin through bare feet. Wearing shoes can help prevent these diseases, and the long-term physical and cognitive harm they cause.  Shoes also prevent cuts and injuries to little feet.

Toms has expanded from the simple classics I started with.  They now have wedges, wrap boots and glitters.  The pink glitters are on my personal wish list this year.  So basically, if you’re going to buy shoes, why not make sure it counts?

Bonus: Toms is offering Free shipping today only (Black Friday)

On the Fourth day of Christmas…

Samaritans Purse Gift Catalog

The Cause: Tangible gifts that bring the love of Christ to a world in need.

The Samaritans Purse Christmas catalog, a ministry of Franklin Graham, is so dear to my heart that I find myself getting emotional as I write this post.  The gift catalog allows individuals or families to purchase items like goats, chickens and honey bees for those struggling in third world countries.  You can also choose options such as feeding a hungry baby for a week, only $9, or providing children with milk, $4.  There are gifts to meet all budgets and price points.  If you intend to give one of these items as a gift, Samaritans Purse will provide you with a card that describes the gift and the name of person you have honored.  So this year perhaps it’s time to consider giving a gift that gives.

On the Third day of Christmas…(and a giveaway!)

Dolka Pots

The Cause: Dolka Pots was born out of a desire to help a friend raise money for an impending adoption. To continue in keeping with the mission of how the company started, a portion of all Dolka Pots sales will be donated to help fund adoption related causes. The online store is currently supporting two families in the adoption process.

Why do I love Dolka Pots?  Where do I begin.  It started when I stumbled upon their etsy site a couple of months ago.  I was searching for big brother/big sister shirts with an Africa theme.  I was oh so pleasantly surprised to find EXACTLY what I was looking for here.  After purchasing the shirts I poked around on the site and found some great items at extremely reasonable prices.  Their applique bloomers for little girls are creative and cute and a steal at $8 each.  You can even get monogrammed bloomers… still $8 each.  There are many coordinating patterns and accesories as well.  I started with the apple bottom bloomers so I will focus on items that coordinate with that line.  The diaper bag featured on the site has two pockets on the exterior and four inside the bag itself.  You can purchase coordinating changing pads, burp cloths and diaper clutches.  This is definitely for the mom who loves to be color coordinated and “matchy-matchy.”

Dolka Pots also has some great clothing items for kids.  Their skirt/shirt combos sell for a very reasonable $25 per set and they have an adorable applique football shirt for boys that can be personalized with their name.

Okay… so are you ready for the giveaway???  Dolka Pots was kind enough to provide me with a pair of their Applique Christmas bloomers (the winner chooses the size: 0-6 mos, 6-12 mos, 12-18 mos, 18-24 mos, 3T, 4T)

Here is how to win, each method gets you one entry:

1. Post this blog on your facebook status (make sure you let me know that you did this!)  2. Twitter this blog post  3. Leave a comment on the blog

Easy right?  I’ll announce the winner on Thursday morning… a great way to start a day of thanks.

Here’s a picture of the Christmas bloomers… these will definitely make someone’s bottom just a little cuter this Christmas!

Updated 11/25/2010: Congratulations to Erin Pisano! After writing down all the names, cutting them out, putting them in a fire hat and having Elliott pick with his eyes closed… she is the winner!

On the Second day of Christmas…

Orphaned No More Bracelets

The Cause: Bringing Isabella home from China

The Orphaned No More Bracelets are one of the best adoption fundraiser items I’ve seen.  Not only are they beautiful, but there are so many options: eighty-six color combinations with catchy names to choose from!  They offer the bracelets in childrens sizes as well, making it a special choice for mother/daughter matching jewelry.  They recently added Christmas bracelets and I am loving the Christmas Paisley. (pictured below)  The bracelets sell for $12 each or 3 $30.00.  The child-sized bracelets are $10 each or 3 for $25.00.  Place your order by December 1st in order to receive your item before Christmas.

Check in tomorrow for a giveaway from my 3rd day of Christmas feature!

On the First day of Christmas…

Light Gives Heat

The Cause: Creating sustainable income for widows and the displaced in Uganda

I encourage you to check out Light Gives Heat, the first featured site of my 12 days of Christmas.  The Blue Nile Hand bag (you can find this under EPOH, Handbags) is absolutely gorgeous and has the story of its maker screen-printed on the inside.  Imagine reaching into your bag to grab your cell and suddenly being reminded that a tailor in Uganda who had no hope is now making a sustainable income through such purchases!

The SUUBI line of jewelry is made by a group of women in Uganda.  The women, most of them widows, have been displaced due to war that has affected their tribes and homeland.  Purchasing the jewelry gives the women a sustainable income and hope.  In addition, supporting SUUBI, Light Gives Heat, enables the organization to provide literacy classes to the women.

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