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The Great T-Shirt Swap

The Great T-Shirt Swap

So I mentioned earlier in the week that we have 8 Adoption T-shirts left.  I initially wanted to sell the rest and move on to a t-shirt free life.

Shortly after I posted about the shirts a fellow adoptive mom texted me and said she wanted one.  Well… I wanted one of her shirts.  And bam!  The idea came to me!

The Great T-shirt swap is essentially this:

1. Trade shirts with us

2. I will then post your t-shirt on the blog with a link to purchase

3. We can enjoy wearing each others fun shirts while spreading the word about Adoption!

Great idea right?

I have four mediums, 2 smalls and one large left. Let me know if you want one! (We don’t have to trade for the same size)


Sarah Underhill and I recently struck up the following trade:

A size small “Don’t forget Africa” shirt for one of their “Adopt” shirts

(love the color)

The Underhills recently received their referral for TWIN baby girls from Ethiopia.  Check out their blog, and their fun t-shirts!

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