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Good things happen when you don’t cut your hair for a year
Official January Numbers

Good things happen when you don’t cut your hair for a year

My last haircut was November 2, 2009.  It is now January 28th, 2011.  I made this impromptu decision to stop cutting my hair to cut out an expense when we started the adoption process.  I realized later that it was more than eliminating an expense, I mean if I really wanted to keep cutting my hair I could go to Great Clips with a coupon and spend $6 plus a tip.  It was more like a matching of wills.  Not cutting my hair was a way of not giving up, seeing this long, intense process through to the end.  I started announcing that I wasn’t going to cut my hair until Liam was home.  That probably sounds noble, cool or self-sacrificing but I doubt he’ll ever care that I did this.  Like most things we do for our kids a certain percentage of this has to do with my growth, not his.  And as if my self-serving reasons weren’t enough to make me look silly for doing this in the first place, I have to admit that I look markedly better with long hair.  So I guess I owe Liam a thank-you for inspiring me to do this.

Here’s a picture from November 09, and one I took yesterday with the web cam.  Charlotte is present in each because, my goodness my hair has grown, but so has she!

November 2009: Last Haircut

January 2011: Long and Wavy!

Official January Numbers

I haven’t really gotten into the practice of posting our waitlist numbers but I’ve decided to do so until we receive our referral.  January marks one year in the adoption process for us and it is our 7th month of being on the official waiting list with All God’s Children International.  We are truly in the home stretch now.  I try not to get TOO excited but we really are getting close.  The patterns for our agency show that no one has waited more than 9 months so I’m praying that pattern stays true for our family as well.  Ready for our numbers??

28 on the boys list!

22 for Siblings!

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