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Good things happen when you don’t cut your hair for a year

Good things happen when you don’t cut your hair for a year

My last haircut was November 2, 2009.  It is now January 28th, 2011.  I made this impromptu decision to stop cutting my hair to cut out an expense when we started the adoption process.  I realized later that it was more than eliminating an expense, I mean if I really wanted to keep cutting my hair I could go to Great Clips with a coupon and spend $6 plus a tip.  It was more like a matching of wills.  Not cutting my hair was a way of not giving up, seeing this long, intense process through to the end.  I started announcing that I wasn’t going to cut my hair until Liam was home.  That probably sounds noble, cool or self-sacrificing but I doubt he’ll ever care that I did this.  Like most things we do for our kids a certain percentage of this has to do with my growth, not his.  And as if my self-serving reasons weren’t enough to make me look silly for doing this in the first place, I have to admit that I look markedly better with long hair.  So I guess I owe Liam a thank-you for inspiring me to do this.

Here’s a picture from November 09, and one I took yesterday with the web cam.  Charlotte is present in each because, my goodness my hair has grown, but so has she!

November 2009: Last Haircut

January 2011: Long and Wavy!

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