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Mother’s Day: Why not give back while you’re giving?
Let’s play a game
New Waitlist Numbers
The Waiting Game
Long Overdue: February Haiti Trip

Mother’s Day: Why not give back while you’re giving?

Our family has never been super involved in the rush of holiday giving.  We don’t do birthday parties and Calvin and I rarely get each other gifts.  Not that there is anything wrong with either of those things, we just tend to get each other little things here and there without a particular holiday attached.  However… I really like Mother’s Day.  Probably more than my birthday.  I love celebrating what I am to my family, my worth, rather than my state of aging.  Mother’s are really great, so I’ve come up with some fun ideas for giving to your mom or wife and giving back at the same time.  Enjoy!

I love these lightweight scarfs from Krochet Kids.  And while I’m at it, I love the Margot hat as well.  We support Krochet Kids for a lot of reasons, I suggest that you check out their website and mission to transform Northern Uganda.

Decisions, Decisions.

What Mom doesn’t want to wear a cute necklace with their kids names on it?

The Vintage Pearl has great stuff and they give back a portion of their proceeds!

Use coupon code: rsapr15 for 15% off

I L-O-V-E these funky bead paper bracelets from Noonday Collection which are made by women in Uganda.

Now on to the shoes!

I’m not sure my Summer wardrobe will be complete without these Toms Wedges.  And I’m thinking other moms out there might be feeling the same way too.  I won’t explain Toms, if you don’t know what they do you’ve probably been living under a rock.

And while we are on the subject of shoes, Ssekos are also pretty amazing AND you can change the straps to match what you’re wearing.  Not to mention they go a long way in helping women in Uganda gain an education and sustainable income.  Enter “aroadhome” when you check out and 10% goes toward our adoption fund!


I hope you found something your mom can’t live without!

Happy shopping!

Let’s play a game

We received our monthly update call yesterday and things are looking up! It seems that a referral is in our future, maybe one to two months from now.  That may not seem soon to you, but it sure does to us!  In light of that fun news I am proposing a little game.  My sister is expecting her first baby any day now.  We have all submitted our guesses on weight, length, time and date…

This inspired me to ask you all to guess when, date/time, we will get our referral call.  Please leave a comment with your guess!

The winner will get a prize, so join the fun!

New Waitlist Numbers

Okay, we have new numbers!  Our actual number may be a bit lower than what is reflected below but we are waiting on a couple of families to submit their referral paperwork.


23 on the boys list!

20 on the siblings list!

The Waiting Game

We are patiently waiting for a phone call from our caseworker.  Okay… it’s probably more like obsessively staring at my phone and willing our agency to call.

Ethiopia has been experiencing some changes and we will definitely  wait a bit longer for our little one.  However, nothing, I repeat nothing is closing or halting adoption in Ethiopia at this time.  There are no current concerns about Ethiopia closing to adoptions, it’s just going to take longer.  I feel good about that, but not this wait.  Here is my transparent statement of the day: I hate this.

This post is not a rant.  In fact, I feel more committed to Ethiopia than ever.  I just want you to know things will take longer, we aren’t going to switch countries and this is not going to be fun.  I have confidence, however, that a year from now we will look back and say “Okay God, now we understand why all that happened.”  I’ve always been a forward thinker so I find comfort in knowing that Someday I’ll say those words.  For now it’s time to focus on the present.  Thank you God for what you’re teaching us now, and by the way, if it’s not too much trouble, it would be really awesome if we got a call this week.

Long Overdue: February Haiti Trip

Haiti.  It’s hard to sum it all up.  I’ve been procrastinating about this post because I usually have a lot of words and when I’m faced with Haiti I have none.

The people of Haiti are strong, vibrant and many have a deep faith that surpasses anything I’ve witnessed here in the United States.  To listen to a Haitian pray is to listen to a dialogue with God.  One that is unaltered by thoughts of self or the interruptions of this world.  Faith in poverty is hardcore stuff.  I’m trying to get real and ponder how I’d feel about God if he chose to take it all and leave me in a tent city with no husband and a couple of sick kids.  I can just imagine God looking down on the churches of Haiti saying “Well done, I can’t wait for you to get up here and dwell with me.”

So what did we do in Haiti?  The main objective of the trip was to immunize the kids in our orphan village, do well checks and give love.  Over 600 shots later (multiples for each child) we completed the medical task of our trip.  Many children were sick but we were pleased to see that the overall health of the village was pretty good.  More than half of the children showed significant gains on their growth charts.  Administering the immunizations was as painful for the team as it was for the kids.  Fortunately they forgave us (maybe it was the new shoes and treats that came after the shots) and we enjoyed playing and hanging out with them the remainder of the week.  We were also able to hold a community clinic and saw just over 400 people.

Here are some pictures from the week.  I hope the love shines through.  I can’t even begin to tell you how these kids etched their names on my heart.  Oh and by the way, I’m headed back in three weeks.  (=

Calvin deserves a HUGE shout out for manning the fort while I was in Haiti.  What a man!  He’s even up for doing it again in just a few weeks.

I would also like to thank some incredible people for giving support: I could not have gone on this trip if it weren’t for your generosity.

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