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3T girls “Let’s go fly a kite”
“Let’s Go Fly a Kite” Africa Shirt
Favorite tutorials and sewing goals
The phone rings and I jump
A Dress for Charlotte
Official Numbers: August Edition
Getting crafty Part II
Getting Crafty
FDL in record time
New Family Picture

3T girls “Let’s go fly a kite”

This sweet little shirt is available and ready to ship!

Click HERE to order.

“Let’s Go Fly a Kite” Africa Shirt

Our referral time is drawing near.  This means that the time for funding is also drawing near.  In celebration of that fact I am launching my latest fund-raising effort: The “let’s go fly a kite” applique shirt.  This image has been in my mind for so long now and I’ve finally translated it into something wearable!  No more doodling this on paper!  Now I’ll (hopefully) be creating these for fellow Africa lovers.  Each shirt can be customized as far as color and size.  Please see fabric samples below that can be utilized for the Africa kite.  Some of the fabrics are fun finds from my recent Uganda trip!

Shirt color choices include: White, Gray and Pink.

Available sizes: 12months, 18months, 2T, 3T, 4T, 5T, 6

All shirts are $25 each.  You can purchase by check or paypal.  Shipping is $3 per item.  How do you order? Leave a comment or send me an email/facebook message.  Let me know color and size!

Click HERE to order

Uganda purple - Space - Green Leaf - Blue Sky - Uganda Swirl - Plaid

Favorite tutorials and sewing goals

Fall is slowly approaching and I’m getting excited about creating some cool stuff for the kids.  I’m itching to sew for a third sweetie, but holding off until I know how big (or small!) he will be.  I have been browsing some great blogs looking for inspiration and tutorials.  I’m hoping to continue to come up with my own patterns but I’ve stumbled across several that I can’t walk away from!  My plan is to sew through the following tutorials and post my thoughts and the end result.

1. The Upcycled Hat: I plan to make a girl version for C as well

2. Ruffle Dress

3. Ringer Shirts: Long Sleeve & Short Sleeve

4. T-shirt Dress

5. Christmas Ornament Applique Shirts (Probably won’t get to this one until November)

The phone rings and I jump

We are in a very anxious time of waiting at the moment.  We are somewhere around #3 for our little boy and could truly get a call very soon.  I don’t really even know what to do with myself at the moment.  It’s very surreal to think that we may finally see our child’s face in the very near future.  We have been waiting so long it has seemed impossible at times.  Lord we are just so excited!  What do you have in store for us??

A Dress for Charlotte

Charlotte and Daddy have a big date tomorrow night.  Our local Chic-fil-a is putting on a Daddy/Daughter evening complete with waiters and carriage rides.  Little girl has been looking forward to this special evening for a couple of weeks now.  I set out to make her a special dress for the occasion and I’m so pleased with the results.  I’m on a re-purposing kick so I utilized an old pillow case and a 1970’s valance for this project. It took me just about an hour start to finish.  Not too bad!

Pillow Case and Valance

Everything is cut and ready to go!

All pieces surged and sleeves sewn on

Elastic for the neck

Cutting the "apron" layer

Elastic for the apron layer

The Result!

Perfectly sweet and vintage

Official Numbers: August Edition

We Are Officially:

Number 6 for our little boy!

Getting crafty Part II

Lately I’ve been sewing in all of my free moments.  Granted, I don’t have many of those, but they do happen!  Yesterday I whipped up this cool little headband after finding inspiration in the many little TOMS flags we have lying around the house.  The added bonus?  It’s lined with fabric from my Uganda trip, making it reversible!  This fun little accessory is heading to Texas today.  My friend Bekka B. is OBSESSED with TOMS, like over 50 pairs obsessed so I think she will enjoy sporting her love on her head.  I promise I’ll do some serious blogging soon.  This has really been a fun way to distract myself from reality.

Getting Crafty

Amanda Humphrey gave me an 18th month Africa applique tee a few months ago.  Her intention was for us to save it for Liam but Elliott found it and had other plans.  He stuffed his 3T self into this little shirt and refused to take it off.  By now I’ve hidden it, but that doesn’t stop him from asking where it is.  I promised that I would learn how to make one and yesterday was the day this grand event finally happened. I am a very novice sewer, about a month now, so don’t expect anything too exciting.

I didn’t have enough hands to document my process but here’s what I did:

I sifted through Calvin’s closet until I found an old dress shirt he no longer wears.   I deconstructed the dress shirt and cut material for a pair of shorts and an Africa applique.  I traced Africa from the front of a book and made a template for the applique.  The result was a great pair of boyish, lightweight Summer shorts and an adorable top that Elliott may be wearing for the next week straight.  He won’t take it off. (=

I had a little scrap of material so I threw together a little Africa shirt for Charlotte too.  I’m pretty happy with my new sewing skills.

FDL in record time

God what are you up to?  We got our updated I-171H in the mail today.  We filed it one week ago.  From what I understand that’s insanely fast.  I know multiple families that have waited months.  I know this could be nothing but a sweet little gift, one thing in this process that we don’t have to wait for, but it could be something even bigger.  I’m okay either way but it’s fun to have something to ponder and pray over.

Had to run over and catch my excitement with photobooth. Every one in my house is currently napping.

New Family Picture

It has come to my attention that our family picture in the banner is a bit outdated.  Unfortunately (fortunately) I’m the photographer of the family so shots with me in them are rare.  I may need a volunteer to help me remedy the situation and create a new banner.  Good project for the coming weeks.

On another note; my sister and I recently took our children camping with our grandparents in Michigan.  I had a great time snapping camping pictures and wanted to share a few with you.  We even made it to the local fair, great times all around.

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