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A Dress for Charlotte
Official Numbers: August Edition

A Dress for Charlotte

Charlotte and Daddy have a big date tomorrow night.  Our local Chic-fil-a is putting on a Daddy/Daughter evening complete with waiters and carriage rides.  Little girl has been looking forward to this special evening for a couple of weeks now.  I set out to make her a special dress for the occasion and I’m so pleased with the results.  I’m on a re-purposing kick so I utilized an old pillow case and a 1970’s valance for this project. It took me just about an hour start to finish.  Not too bad!

Pillow Case and Valance

Everything is cut and ready to go!

All pieces surged and sleeves sewn on

Elastic for the neck

Cutting the "apron" layer

Elastic for the apron layer

The Result!

Perfectly sweet and vintage

Official Numbers: August Edition

We Are Officially:

Number 6 for our little boy!

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