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A case of the Mondays
Turn a pillowcase dress into a storage solution!

A case of the Mondays

This particular phrase has taken on a whole new meaning for the Ho family.  We are in the phase of our adoption process where we can literally expect a call any day. This means I spend a lot of anxious hours staring at my phone and double checking to make sure the ringer is working loudly and properly.  It can become exhausting.  My heart leaps just a little when I hear the phone ring and I do a quick glance at every area code before I answer.  This is not fun, I promise you that.  I wish I could be more relaxed, I really have been up until this point, but it has become pretty impossible.  The weekend has been like a mini-vacation.  The agency is closed on the weekend.  No concerns about getting an important phone call.  It’s been a nice two days.  But tomorrow is Monday. Monday, a week day.  A full week looming ahead, ripe with potential.  But potential is quite a tricky little thing… it is possible, but not actual.  There is hope, but there is also disappointment.

So here’s to Monday and all her potential!

Turn a pillowcase dress into a storage solution!

Yes, you read that correctly.  Storage solution.  It’s a beautiful thing really. I was recently faced with this dilemma: what to do when your little girl out-grows a monogrammed pillowcase dress?  It’s not likely that you know anyone with the same initials, and ripping out the monogram would just make a mess. The solution I came to, after starring at the dress for a few moments, is so simple it’s almost ridiculous.  Make a drawstring bag… or rather a drawribbon bag!  I realized and then promptly created this so quickly I didn’t take any pictures of the process, but I promise you won’t need them.

Here are four easy steps:

1. Turn dress inside out and sew along the bottom, closing it up completely.

2. Tie the two ribbon pieces together and thread them through the top, so that it’s basically one long ribbon acting as a drawstring.

3. Turn dress inside out again and sew all the way up one side closing up the armhole and securing the ribbon in place.  I left one armhole open because I liked how it shaped the bag. (see picture below)

4. Turn the dress right side out and pull the ribbon to gather the top and voila, Storage Solution!

Charlotte is currently storing her Leap Frog learning alphabet in the bag but I can already see it holding barbie clothes or toiletries in the future.

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