Archive - September 17, 2011

Call us crazy…

Call us crazy…

BUT… we are having one last, one final, Yard Sale.  This will be our last effort at raising a bigger chunk of money to go toward our travel expenses.  We are required to take two trips to Ethiopia on pretty short notice and the plane tickets have averaged $1700 to $3300 EACH.  Thus… another yard sale.  I’m really planning to go all out for this one.  So donations of “stuff” would be quite welcome.  Also, please plan to drop by.  The weekend of October 1st is our community (Creekside at Station Camp) yard sale so we will actually get to have it at our house this time!  If you have anything… and I mean anything that you want to donate just let us know.  Thanks guys, couldn’t do it without you.

Here’s a picture of Elliott being super cute at our last sale. (Just in case you needed a reason besides shopping to stop by, cute kids are great)

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