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On the Seventh Day of Christmas

On the Seventh Day of Christmas

The first time I saw the Hello Somebody site I immediately read it as HELLO somebody. (inflection on the Hello) Like a greeting.

Then I read the story.

Hello Somebody is a question. Like, Hello??? Are you listening? Do you realize what’s going on in our world.

Hello Somebody has answered that question for a group of 100 street boys in Rwanda. Rwanda, whose people, Tutsis, were victims to mass genocide at the hands of Hutu militia in 1994. That year 800,000 people were brutally killed between the months of April and July alone.

But that was yesterday.

17 years later Rwanda is developing and utilizing the aid they have received.  They have come a long way. But like so many African countries half of their children are starving and malnourished. There are orphans and street children. The future of Rwanda, these children, can never meet their full potential if their most basic needs are not being met.

Hello Somebody: The Program

Hello Somebody has partnered with Africa New Life. The 100 boys in the program are given the opportunity to receive either a primary or vocational education based on their age. They also receive 2 meals a day. They are able to do these things by selling some pretty sweet watches.

Each watch is $25. Pretty good price for a watch that changes a life. H.S. is also promoting a Christmas campaign to bring a little joy to the boys in their program. A $10 donation will bring Christmas to these sweet boys.

Today we are excited overjoyed humbled to promote this organization. Hello Somebody has graciously provided a watch for our giveaway today!

Here’s how to Enter. An entry for every action.

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12 days of Christmas! Day 7 giveaway from Hello Somebody

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 Can’t wait to announce the winner tomorrow morning!

The winner of yesterday’s Blood:Water Mission package is: Kathryn Gin


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