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We Love Liam: A Photo Blog

We Love Liam: A Photo Blog

Post-referral is an interesting place to dwell. I spend most of my time being extremely happy that we are finally in this camp. I spend some of my time watching the message boards for the latest news on the flow of Ethiopian adoptions. I spend even another part of my time worrying about what’s to come in the wait. Fortunately, sprinkled through all those moments, I spend time in prayer. I am constantly prompted to pray for our son. I am reminded continually that at this distance it is the best and only thing I can do to impact our son’s life. And that’s where we are right now. I’m going to blog a bit of a timeline and answer some questions but today we want to be silly and show you how we pass the time and delight in what’s to come. Fortunately I have a camera and two cute kids.

Had to save the best for last. Just call her J-"C"

(Special Thanks to Bekka for the Tiny Toms. They are so much fun!)

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