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The Process

The Process

I’m going to try to explain the process from this point on. There are some unknowns, but we are praying for the quickest timeline possible!

December 16th: We received our referral for Liam (“A”) We were able to meet with our pediatrician to review his medicals and accept the referral the same day. Our caseworker notified AGCI in-country staff on that very day that they could go ahead and merge our dossier (paperwork) with Liam’s paperwork. The first step in becoming a family.

December 19th: All referral paperwork has been submitted and approved by our agency. We paid all referral fees as well. Whew.

That’s about all the dates I have. I do know that the in-country staff is now doing their thing, trying to get us a court date. We were told that court dates could be assigned anywhere from 6-10 weeks after referral. Hoping to hear something in the next couple of weeks on that front.

When we get a court date Calvin and I will book a flight to Ethiopia where we will stay for about 10 days. We will get to spend a few hours a day with Liam and also get to spend time in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. I can’t wait to see my baby, but I’m also excited about heading back to Africa in the near future. While we are there we will go to court, hopefully pass court, and at that point Liam will legally be our son in the eyes of the Ethiopian government.

Then comes the hard part. We have to leave. Without Liam. Although we will be his parents according to Ethiopia we have to wait for the U.S. Embassy to clear us. This could take about 8 weeks, but things are stirring in Ethiopia on the Embassy side and some cases are being sent to Nairobi, Kenya for additional review. This is scary and it adds MORE time onto the wait.

I fully realize God already knows what’s going on with our adoption. He has cared for and protected our son until now and I know He will continue to do so. But I am boldly praying for the Lord to fight on our behalf. I am asking that we 1. receive a court date quickly 2. Pass court quickly and 3. avoid the Nairobi step in the process.

I realize that I may ask these things boldly and the answer/outcome may be different but that’s just part of Faith and Obedience. I can only pray for my son, I can only pray that mountains will be moved. I cannot move them myself. So I will be obedient in prayer, asking God for the desires of my heart. Our path may be different than what I desire but I know without a doubt that adoption is a spiritual battle. There are so many things working against us as we work to get our son home. And every one of those things in our path will be cleared. “The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.” Exodus 14:14

So… once we receive word that we have been cleared by the Embassy we will book our plane tickets (this will be very short notice, probably only a couple of days) and we will go get our son and bring him home!


Christmas was definitely a bit more joyous with the news of our little boy. Oh how I hoped and prayed to see his cute little face before Christmas. Best Christmas/Birthday present ever. Hands down.

Liam wasn’t with us for Christmas but we hung his stocking and opened a few little presents for him. I stuck his picture in his stocking so that we could see his cute little face peeking out at us on Christmas morning.

 Come on court date. Come on! Will you join us in praying for a quick date? We are SO ready to see him!

(we have to hide his little face until we pass court, sorry!)

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