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We are Cleared: Photo recap First Trip

We are Cleared: Photo recap First Trip

We are now cleared. The wait is over. The bags are packed and we will board a plane tomorrow to bring our son home forever. To celebrate, here are a few pictures from our first trip to meet Liam. January 2012.

Meeting Liam for the VERY FIRST time

This is one of the cutest faces ever. He is going to fit right in with his brother and sister.

On January 23, 2012 we passed court and Alula Liam Ho became our son!

We hurried back after court to take our first family photo, minus brother and sister.

I also did some shopping. (=

Calvin helped unload groceries at the orphanage.

We drank the world's best coffee. Note, there is a starbucks cup in this pic. We were already home here, and no, Starbucks is not the World's best, Timoca is!

Charlotte was ready for our homecoming!

-Erin and Anthony were there waiting with the kids in their Africa gear!

I wrote this a few weeks after we got home. Indeed the Joy is coming. He is coming home!!!!

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