Archive - March 26, 2012



What is it like to be home?

We have been working toward a goal for over two years now. The goal: adopt a little boy from Ethiopia and grow our family through the gift of adoption. The goal is now accomplished. Our family is bigger and more delightful than ever. Our son fits so perfectly into our little slice of chaos.

We are now navigating the waters of attachment. Helping him to understand we are FOREVER. There will never be a moment where his needs will not be met. We are Mommy, Daddy, Sissy and Brother. And He is Son, brother, baby boo. For Always.

Adoption is so good. It feels so complete. And it is. Our paths were woven together by the hands of God. He chose to call us to expand our family in this way and he connected us with a little boy in Ethiopia. My son.

What’s it like to be home? Perfect. Crazy. And Perfect Again.

I can’t wait to recap the week in Ethiopia with my little man. It was full of so many emotions and sleepless nights. I even have a little coffee giveaway coming up. Just for fun. So stick around and read about life post-adoption.

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