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2 Months Home!
Design your own Appliqué
Family Pictures
Breakfast Popsicles

2 Months Home!

We have been an incredibly happy family of 5 for 2 months now.

I love having 3 kids. It’s crazy and fun. Liam has just stolen my heart! I mean seriously, look at this face!

Design your own Appliqué

Elliott and I recently had a couple of hours in the house. All alone. Just me and my firstborn. I haven’t done much sewing lately and really wanted to make something for him. He LOVES it when I sew things for him and also loves being my helper. We decided to do a little appliqué shirt but didn’t see any material in the stash that he really liked. Then a fun little idea popped in. Let’s make a fabric you like! I drew a five on some cream fabric and we decorated it with crayola fabric markers. Then we added some Steam-a-Seam fusible web, ironed on our appliqué and followed up by sewing around the edge of the five. It turned out very cute and very Elliott.


Family Pictures

We finally took some real family pictures. Pictures that involve paying someone money to take them. Not me setting up the camera and frantically running into the frame. My friend Pamela takes super fun pictures and was raising money to go back to Haiti. Obvious choice! She was great and honestly, we just had a good time. Here are a few of my favorites.

You can see a few more on our About Us page!

Breakfast Popsicles

Last night the kids and I whipped up some Popsicles for their morning breakfast. I’m not sure why Popsicles for breakfast hasn’t become a ragingly popular idea yet. Breakfast Popsicle stand anyone?? It could be awesome.
We love Popsicles for breakfast for 3 reasons:
1. Toddlers never refuse a Popsicle
2. It’s Easy
3. All ingredients are momma approved

Last night we blended a banana, frozen organic strawberries, frozen organic raspberries, organic yogurt and flax flakes. Then poured into our little molds. I found this particular mold at bed bath and beyond. And presto! A super fun Summer breakfast that is already prepared. Easy morning. Fun morning. You could also add finely chopped kale or spinach to the mix to amp up the health quota.
The mixture isn’t a new idea, nor is freezing it… But maybe, just maybe, eating a Popsicle for breakfast sparked your interest a bit!




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