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Pie stand turned kitchen helper
Moving right along
5 months home
Ni Hao, Y’all
Weeks of Waiting

Pie stand turned kitchen helper

I recently threw a wedding shower for my friends Daniel and Sarah. The theme was picnics and pies and it was incredibly cute. I had lots of amazing pie making, decorating friends who helped make the evening a success. My favorite part of the decor was the pie table.

For the table decor we used a linen tablecloth over a regular old church table and placed an old barn door on top. A burlap runner completed the look beautifully. We utilized upside down wooden boxes and pie stands to display the gorgeous pies. We created the pie stands using old Goodwill plates and candlestick holders. SO EASY. SO CHEAP. You must do this. Why? Because after the shower is over you can use the pie stand in your home for many many purposes!

For example, the checkered pie plate is now my kitchen helper next to the stove. It is currently housing my cooking staples. Sea Salt, Sriracha, Local Honey and Olive Oil.

I think the pie stands could also be super cute in a bathroom holding cosmetics or hair supplies. The possibilities are many, the materials are few. To make this pie stand you need four things: old plate, candlestick holder, sandpaper and glue gun. If you felt like spending a few more minutes on this you could paint the candlestick a cool color as well.

-Wash plate and holder. Let it dry completely.

 -Using sandpaper, rough up a small patch on the underside of the plate. Also sand the top of the holder lightly. This creates an ideal surface for the glue to adhere.

-Put a nice even circle of glue on underside of plate. Immediately stick the holder in the center of the plate in the center of the glue. Leave this upside down while it adheres and dries completely.

That’s it! You’re done! No more work to do and you have something totally cute to try out in different areas of your home. Let me know if you make one, and where and how you plan to use it!

Moving right along

We are moving in every sense of the word. Moving to a new house, moving to a new school zone and moving along with our second adoption. All of our documents are turned in as of Monday, which is crazy to think we pushed though it so quickly. Now we are getting our finances in order, because once documents are in we can accept a referral and money will be due pretty quickly. We are getting ready to launch our t-shirt fundraiser (they are fun shirts!) and we have a massive yard sale scheduled for September 8th. We are praying that between these two endeavors we will have at least a good portion of the funds required to accept a referral. Will you pray with us?

5 months home

5 months home with Mr. Liam Alula.

I always wondered how this would all feel once we were truly in the swing of it, once Liam was home forever. And honestly, it’s a little different than I had imagined. I had no idea that I would forget where Liam came from. That probably sounds odd. But falling in love with Liam, Liam becoming my son… all of that led to feeling like he physically came from me. Yes, I know he didn’t. God grafted together a beautiful story of two countries, one little boy and one family… but nonetheless I still have to remind myself that Liam has an amazing story sometimes.

I think we were most excited about Liam’s Ethiopian heritage during the Olympics. I’m pretty sure I rooted harder for them than the US. There is just something contagious about the African Spirit. Something our Liam Alula DEFINITELY has. What joy this little boy has! And some serious determination as well.

It’s just been so good. Thank you God for shaping our family in this way, we are thankful and excited for the years to come as we watch your plan unfold.

Ni Hao, Y’all

We are in full gear adoption mode. And today of all days the reality of everything has settled on me. We are plugging along with our paperwork and today we had to do blood work. Again. Paperwork gets so repetitious and boring at times and I forget about who we are doing this for. During lunch I browsed a few China adoption blogs and within moments it was all I could do to keep my eyes dry.

Sifting through all the special needs we are considering gets really overwhelming and scary at times. But focusing on the child who will emerge above all those labels and scary words brings me out out of my confused stupor. It’s not about dealing with the most manageable need we can come up with, it’s about responding in faith to the child God has called us to. That’s my prayer this week. That He will speak SO clearly, that no matter what we are facing we will know He is with us.


Weeks of Waiting

The house sale and search has been quite dramatic. Our home sold in under 3 weeks and we were left scrambling to find the right new home for our family. In addition, the day after the offer on our house was made I headed off to Haiti. Leaving Calvin to deal with the whole offer, counter offer madness WHILE caring for 3 kids 4 and under. Also… he had to find us a new house. He did an amazing job and balanced everything well. He even secured us a new home, a great fixer upper. Just like we wanted.

Then we had the inspection.

We were planning on putting A LOT of work into the new home. But a few issues such as water intrusion and mold helped us make the decision to walk away from the house. We now had only a few days to find a house and secure a contract. The very next day I noticed a new house had appeared in the MLS listings. The pictures and price were super appealing to me so I called my friend and realtor to book a showing that same day.

I loved the house from the curb, but when I walked in I saw this:

BRICK FLOORS! I have always always dreamed of having brick floors. In fact, I was planning to install them in the new house. It was a sign. I held my breath hoping the rest of the house would pan out.

Well, It did. We quickly put in an offer and began the stomach churning wait to see if we would get the house. I hate wanting anything, especially wanting something this badly. But alas, I had already envisioned my children in this home. I was gone. The wait was worsened by the knowledge that another offer had been submitted from another potential buyer as well. Blech. During all this waiting I realized that the pre-k program our kids are scheduled to attend was quite a distance from the new house. I looked into nearby programs knowing fully that they would not have openings… school starts Monday. But I called any way. I inquired about 3 spots, 3 different ages. The director, was quiet for a moment. Then she said “you aren’t going to believe this but I only have 3 spots open and they are in your requested ages, someone dropped out of the program yesterday.” What!!  At this point we didn’t know if the house would be ours but I took this as a strong sign and registered all 3 in the very last-minute spots. Six minutes later we got a call. The house was ours!

That wasn’t luck friends. I believe that, for some reason, we are going to be right where God wants us. So we are on the alert, ready to respond to whatever task we may have in this new area, this new house.

And it’s pretty exciting.

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