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5 months home

5 months home

5 months home with Mr. Liam Alula.

I always wondered how this would all feel once we were truly in the swing of it, once Liam was home forever. And honestly, it’s a little different than I had imagined. I had no idea that I would forget where Liam came from. That probably sounds odd. But falling in love with Liam, Liam becoming my son… all of that led to feeling like he physically came from me. Yes, I know he didn’t. God grafted together a beautiful story of two countries, one little boy and one family… but nonetheless I still have to remind myself that Liam has an amazing story sometimes.

I think we were most excited about Liam’s Ethiopian heritage during the Olympics. I’m pretty sure I rooted harder for them than the US. There is just something contagious about the African Spirit. Something our Liam Alula DEFINITELY has. What joy this little boy has! And some serious determination as well.

It’s just been so good. Thank you God for shaping our family in this way, we are thankful and excited for the years to come as we watch your plan unfold.

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