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Happy 5th Birthday to Elliott!

Happy 5th Birthday to Elliott!

We were fortunate enough to get away for Elliott’s birthday. We were in the middle of the big moved that stalled (more on that later) and just needed to get out! We have friends that have a Cabin in Gatlinburg that we were able to use for the weekend and it was just what we all needed.

Elliott’s actual birthday is September 25th, but we celebrated a few days early and let the celebration go on over a few days. Those are the best birthdays if you ask me! He took full advantage of his four day birthday by claiming his seat in the car, asking for ice cream and a host of other funny little requests. The 5th birthday is fun! It’s like a little person realizes they are getting kinda big, and they enjoy it!

We had a great time drinking hot chocolate, opening presents, visiting the Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies in Gatlinburg and just being together.

I love my first born Mr. Elliott so much. He is such a momma’s boy and I’m prepared for him to be that for awhile. Gotta soak up that time while I can! These years go by fast. Here are some pictures from the birthday weekend.

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