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From 3 to 4 kids in 24 hours… Our Lola story begins
Halfway There!
We are Waiting Sweet Girl!
» Saying no to fear and yes to adoption
Day 8
Good Morning Juice
A sister for Charlotte
On the fifth day of Juicing
Juice day #4
Lunch Juice Day 3

From 3 to 4 kids in 24 hours… Our Lola story begins

On January 25th I emailed our family coordinator about a little girl on an advocacy site. She gently explained that her needs and age were outside the approved parameters of our home study. I sadly accepted that and thought… well, we will just continue to seek our waiting child match. I had a burning feeling that would not allow me to wait, so I continued to seek our daughter who I knew was waiting.

That night, I could not sleep. I could only think of the little girl on the advocacy site. She was our daughter, I could just feel it. God was prompting action, and therefore we needed to respond quickly. We had no real knowledge about raising a child dealing with this particular special need but that didn’t matter. We would learn. She was meant to be ours.

On January 26th I emailed again. Very politely stating that we just couldn’t give up that easily. We really wanted to review the file and consider moving forward with an adoption. Our family coordinator agreed that if our social worker would give permission and agree to an addendum we could view the file. An agonizing 24 hours later we were given permission to view her file and consider her adoption.

Three hours later we had consulted the pediatrician, knowing full well we would accept no matter what, and contacted our agency to pursue the adoption of little sweetie.

Our LOI went in today and I can now say we are officially pursuing the adoption of our daughter Lola. She is five years old and has waited too long for a family. The peace and joy we feel right now is overwhelming. We have found her! We will run to her as soon as we possibly can. That time frame looks like 4-6 months right now. Hopefully 4!

There are so many emotions blurring my every thought at the moment. But the one thing that continues to ring clear is this: God creates families when families say yes. We are blessed to have been chosen for this amazing child, who I’m sure will teach us to see in ways we cannot begin to comprehend.

Here is a tiny little glimpse 🙂

Yue Hong Xia update photo 6-1.30.13

Halfway There!

I am so very pleased to report that we have paid for HALF of our adoption costs!! For details check out the donate page, it will show you exactly what we have paid with that $$$. We have just over $15,000 left to raise for our adoption. The first half came from our savings, garage sales, fundraisers and generous friends who have partnered with us along the way. We appreciate all of you more than words or thank you notes can express. Your dollars and prayers are creating a family. I am officially adding a tally on the side of our blog to track our progress from this point. We have a few fundraisers in the works and we pray that God will bless those efforts just as He has with the first half of our adoption costs.

_MG_0266 _MG_0267 _MG_0271

We are Waiting Sweet Girl!

» Saying no to fear and yes to adoption

I’m sitting here in my lovely house with a few rare moments of quiet. One napping, one having quiet time, one off to Home Depot with Daddy for kids project morning.

My mind has been on the fatherless a lot today. Mostly thinking about the families who haven’t said yes to them yet. Not the families who have not received the adoption call, rather the families who have and are still paralyzed by fear of movement.

I can’t say I understand fear of movement. I’m a move now think later person. This is good and bad, but that’s not the point. The point is, I can’t say I sympathize with or understand initial fear of movement. However, I’ll be glad to push help you off the cliff!

I do understand fear. We’ve said yes to a second adoption, just a few short months after our son’s homecoming. And now my fears are crawling in. I’m afraid we won’t have enough money, I’m afraid she might have a really hard time adjusting, I’m afraid of hospitals, medical bills and all that comes with an adoption involving special needs. I would be lying to say I don’t face these fears daily.

But my fear is not greater than our calling. When God has placed something deeply in your heart, so deeply that you can’t function without it surfacing you must take action. I know so many who have been called to respond to the orphan epidemic through adoption and are still waiting. May I just say that there will never be more money, more economic certainty or more time to become a saint of a parent. Things will not change so drastically that it will be easy to say yes. No one will magically deposit 34K into your savings account.

If this is your path it will come to completion. Despite your flaws, despite your bank account, despite what your extended family thinks.  So do yourself a favor, start moving, start exploring and start saying yes. No matter the cost.


This is why I put so much kale on my juices. Crazy vitamins!


Still Juicing, day 7. This morning was Kale mixed with black cherries. I’m truly loving green juices!

A sister for Charlotte

Our middle child, Charlotte 3 yrs old, is the sweetest, most loving little lump of joy. Calvin and I are constantly looking at each other in awe of the adorable things she says and does. Right now she is the only girl in the family and that both delights and irritates her. She LOVES being a girl and therefore gets irritated when the boys don’t want to play dolls and dress up. She LOVES her brothers and is therefore delighted to chase after them all day.

Several months ago we asked Charlotte how she would feel about having a sister. Her reaction was, of course, delightful, excited, ecstatic. Fast forward several months. Our paper chase is over, documents headed to China and we will soon be matched with a little girl who waits. We plan to name her Lola.

Charlotte has named her doll Lola as well. This has caused a bit of confusion on many occasions, but the latest was very sad for all of us. My two oldest were with me at the table having tea and making t-shirts while our youngest was napping. Charlotte began to shoot out ideas, let’s make Lola-doll a dress with the sewing machine, let’s make her a t-shirt too… and on it went. Then she said, “and Mommy I want to make Lola a shirt with a birthday cupcake that has the number of her birthdays on it.” “Okay!” I said. “Should I go get her right now, so we can make sure it will fit?”

Charlotte looked up at me with bright, round eyes. “yes! yes! Go get her now!”

At that moment I realized that Charlotte went from talking about her doll to her sister without telling me. She thought I was going to head out the door that moment, get on a plane and fly to China. I quickly explained but it left us both feeling sad as we pondered the 2-5 year old girl in China who we already long for. We just aren’t complete without her.

Adoption has lots of sadness. Sadness for brokenness, sadness in waiting, sadness in separation, sadness in loss.

But Joy is coming.

On the fifth day of Juicing

Today went well again. I’m noticing nice results in how I look and feel. I have decided, however, that because I do not need to lose weight I’m going to add one vegetarian meal into my day. So I will juice for breakfast and lunch and eat a vegetarian meal for dinner starting tomorrow. I head to work fairly early so I froze pre-sorted bags to toss into the juicer each morning. I make two juices and bring them to work with me. I do not freeze the kale, I put it in the juicer along with the frozen items and a bit of water.
Today I did mostly Kale with some dark berries.

-enjoying my juice from my desk

Juice day #4

Day four. Tried challenging the pallet a little more with my afternoon juice. Mixed up 4 stalks organic celery, 2 cups kale and one lemon. It was quite zippy! I’m also drinking a cleansing tea for toxin build up, and I’m really feeling great. Here’s a few pics including an odd one of me trying to take a picture of my juice in the mirror… Complete with a 5 year old running through the background.



Lunch Juice Day 3

So last night I had a pretty bad stomach ache but all is well today. For lunch I mixed up a spinach, pineapple, strawberry with a little powdered magnesium and zinc thrown in. I’m a little paranoid about getting the flu. Hopefully all the raw leafy greens will help me stay in the non-sick category.
The pineapple came out of my freezer, it’s a fresh one that I bought, cut into cubes and froze for this purpose. The core is super nutritious but who wants to or even can eat the core raw?? Juice the core and you’ll never tell a difference.




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