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From 3 to 4 kids in 24 hours… Our Lola story begins

From 3 to 4 kids in 24 hours… Our Lola story begins

On January 25th I emailed our family coordinator about a little girl on an advocacy site. She gently explained that her needs and age were outside the approved parameters of our home study. I sadly accepted that and thought… well, we will just continue to seek our waiting child match. I had a burning feeling that would not allow me to wait, so I continued to seek our daughter who I knew was waiting.

That night, I could not sleep. I could only think of the little girl on the advocacy site. She was our daughter, I could just feel it. God was prompting action, and therefore we needed to respond quickly. We had no real knowledge about raising a child dealing with this particular special need but that didn’t matter. We would learn. She was meant to be ours.

On January 26th I emailed again. Very politely stating that we just couldn’t give up that easily. We really wanted to review the file and consider moving forward with an adoption. Our family coordinator agreed that if our social worker would give permission and agree to an addendum we could view the file. An agonizing 24 hours later we were given permission to view her file and consider her adoption.

Three hours later we had consulted the pediatrician, knowing full well we would accept no matter what, and contacted our agency to pursue the adoption of little sweetie.

Our LOI went in today and I can now say we are officially pursuing the adoption of our daughter Lola. She is five years old and has waited too long for a family. The peace and joy we feel right now is overwhelming. We have found her! We will run to her as soon as we possibly can. That time frame looks like 4-6 months right now. Hopefully 4!

There are so many emotions blurring my every thought at the moment. But the one thing that continues to ring clear is this: God creates families when families say yes. We are blessed to have been chosen for this amazing child, who I’m sure will teach us to see in ways we cannot begin to comprehend.

Here is a tiny little glimpse 🙂

Yue Hong Xia update photo 6-1.30.13

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