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In the details

In the details

It’s no secret that adoption is expensive. We built-by-adoption families talk about it all the time. Many of you probably wish we would stop talking about it all the time. Unfortunately it’s just part of the territory and sadly it’s the reason many families are not able to adopt. I admit, it’s seriously daunting to look at the fee sheet for an international adoption. For us, adoption costs more than I make in a year, combine that with three kids in childcare and ministry jobs… yeah, I don’t need to make my case any further. It’s pretty evident, we are just a normal family. When God led us to the China Special Needs program only a few months after completing Liam’s adoption I hesitated briefly, wondering if we could possibly fund another adoption in such a short time. I thought surely Calvin, the one who makes sense of our bank account, would encourage waiting a bit longer. But no, he was in. There were no excuses and one thousand good reasons to begin the adoption process again. And so… we did.

We wrote many large checks from personal funds or little things we could sell, almost hesitant to launch any fundraisers or ask for donations. I mean, we did just fund-raise for an adoption last year. Would people start to block us on Facebook?? I began to realize, by doing simple math, that this just wasn’t going to happen unless hearts were moved to help us. So slowly but surely we waded back into the fundraising waters, we sold beads and Christmas ornaments from Uganda, had a garage sale, sold some stuff on Ebay and became the recipients of donations made directly to our agency. By the time we turned our dossier in we had paid, through personal funds and fund-raisers, half of our adoption expenses. Huge progress! But still quite a mountain to go. And that’s when we saw Lola for the first time. Things got real very quickly and God confirmed everything we had been working for and feeling in the months prior. This was all about her and He was going to figure out the details. Sometimes the signs are so obvious it boggles your mind and leaves you standing dumbstruck at the feet of God the Father.

Sign 1: When we submitted our dossier to our agency we had not yet locked Lola’s referral. Therefore the translation and service fee was $1200. However, we DID lock Lola’s referral before AWAA sent the dossier to China.

Lola’s age was a few months out of our approved age group on our home study. We had to amend our 1-800A application to reflect this change to the tune of $380 dollars. I got an email the day our dossier was sent to China stating that because we had a referral when our dossier was sent to China we would be refunded… $380.

Sign 2: Our home study addendum, to change our approved age parameters, cost $180. Yesterday, at 1907 Apparel, an art piece was sold with all proceeds going towards Lola’s adoption. Selling price? $180.

Yes, I sighed heavily when I was told we had to come up with more money to change our approved parameters, yes this $180 and $380 was on top of the already $15000-$16000 we have left to raise. Yes. I wrote the checks.

And then… the money came in, the checks were covered. The math makes sense and doesn’t make sense all at the same time.

God gently reminded me that He is in the details of Lola’s story. He reminded me that He is the orchestrator of the Heavens and money means nothing to him. And finally God reminded me that He is in the details. Always.

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