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Care Package

Care Package

After receiving our RA (LOA) we were allowed to arrange a care package for Lola. We could have done this by simply sending a package in the mail and crossing our fingers in hopes that it would reach her… but we learned of a great organization that helps adoptive families send care packages for their children in China. Families are able to send family photos for an album and you can also order several items for a package, and viola! They get it to your child in just a matter of days. We sent Lola a cake to celebrate her adoption with the other children in the orphanage and she will also receive a photo album (yes we realize she has a visual impairment, but I still felt this was necessary), a warm outfit as it is still cold in Yueyang, a panda bear stuffed animal, a letter from our (her) family, and a jump drive for the orphanage to upload pictures or files or whatever they may have that digitally belongs to our girly. I’m SOOO excited that she will have a little love from us in package form. I’m still planning to send a package from here, but so glad I had this option to get something out to her quickly!

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