Archive - May 17, 2013

To-Do-Ta-Da list

To-Do-Ta-Da list

There are just under four weeks to go. Four weeks until Calvin and I settle into uncomfortable seats and fly across the ocean. It’s almost Lola time. In honor of nesting I have made a to-do list. I’ve stopped sleeping, so I’m just going to start doing.

1. Paint and Distress Kitchen Cabinets using ASCP Old Ochre

2. Finish detailing Lola and Charlotte’s room

3. Order more sensory toys and activities for the plane ride home

4. Change up the dining room light fixture (probably with paint)

5. Finish the Kitchen light fixture


7. Run at least 4 times per week

8. Love on my kids a LOT. We are going to be in China for 17 days. I’m going to miss them!

9. Learn Mandarin

10. Find a cheap old table for the kids to use in the craft/play room. Oh. And paint that too.



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