Archive - June 7, 2013



As we prepare to become a family of 6, Calvin and I have tried to spend individual time with each of the current 3. I thought it would be fun to feature each of our babies on the blog as we countdown the days (did you read that? DAYS!) until we leave for China to bring Lola home. First up, is Elliott.

Elliott is almost 6 years old. He is over-the-top excited to start kindergarten this year. He wants to be a scientist and live in our house forever. Really. Forever. I struggle with the fact that I’m mostly okay with that arrangement. He promises to cook for us.

Elliott is kind to animals, he likes to find bugs in the yard and he really likes to sneak into our bed at night for cuddles. Elliott is the difficult combination of smart and stubborn. Typical first born. 🙂

Elliott is excited to have a sister who is also five, going on six. His current passion is measuring himself after meals to make sure he is still taller than Lola.


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