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Next in line we have Liam. The baby. It’s a good thing our number four isn’t a baby. Liam has firmly taken his stance as the baby of the family and he may have some serious adjustment issues should a younger child ever enter our clan.

This is momma talking here… but I think he may be the most scrumptious little almost 2 year old anywhere. He still sleeps in our bed from time to time and I love waking up and seeing him snuggled up with us, breathing sleepy little sighs. I still can’t believe I get to be his mom.

Liam is what I like to call an extreme extrovert. Always on. Always the life of the party. And always as loud as he can possibly be. He loves a spotlight.

It’s going to be difficult for him to be away from us for the next two weeks. If you think of us, please pray for understanding in his little heart.


Don’t ask him to take out his paci for a picture. Just thinking about it makes him too sad.

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