Archive - November 12, 2014

Goodbye to A Road Home. Goodbye Normal.

Goodbye to A Road Home. Goodbye Normal.

My contribution to the blog world has been silent for the last few months. There are times when a step into the shadows is necessary. I’ve been fleshing out what I want to contribute to the already bustling digital world, considering whether another blog on family life was even necessary. After all the pondering and melancholy afternoons I’ve chosen to move forward, communicating the most honest space we’ve ever lived in.

A Road Home was a chronicle of the beautiful stories that brought our family home, Goodbye Normal embraces our daily walk through trauma, special needs parenting, faith, and you know… crafting. Because as crazy as we feel most days there always seems to be a reason to sew up some ruffled pants or paint the cupboards. That’s our weird, messy life. Goodbye Normal doesn’t embrace existing in the pit, it embraces living in the freedom of God’s promises. It embraces the realization that pushing for perfection just isn’t worth it.

I’m giving up on Normal.

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