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Thanksgiving Recipe Round Up

Thanksgiving Recipe Round Up

With our beloved day of Thanks fast approaching many of us are diligently searching for healthier, whole food alternatives to the traditional fare. No cans of Campbells, no French’s crispy fries (I know, I’m ruining everything here), no jello salad. How many of you just stopped reading?

I realize we have our traditions. But here are some recipes, tried and true, that might help you start some new ones.

Green Bean Casserole from Eat the Love

Sweet Potato (Butternut Squash) Casserole from Our Nourishing Roots

Mashed Potato and Cauliflower Gratin from Epicurious

Broccoli Salad from California Country Gal

Pumpkin Pie from the Simple Moms

Notice there are not any bread recipes above. Because, well, bread is hard. And if you’re making Thanksgiving changes for the first time creating an amazing homemade bread might just do you in. Like really send you over the edge and then everyone will be hungry and cranky and spiteful instead of Thankful. So let’s skip the bread or go to a bakery this year. The Thanksgiving meal is NOT for the weak in spirit.

However, if you are really awesome and ambitious check out this recipe for maple sourdough rolls from the Nourished Kitchen.

Happy Thanks and Cooking Y’all.


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