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>> Fighting the Flu

>> Fighting the Flu

Three days before the highly anticipated Disney trip, Elliott’s nose started to run. Charlotte was already staying home from school because she was slightly under the weather. Their symptoms were pretty mild so I honestly didn’t think the flu was the culprit (we later found out that NINE kids in her Kindergarten class were absent because of the flu). Then Calvin called from work. Again, we are three days away from the super-duper, top-secret Disney adventure. He was achy, and sneezing, and head-achy. Oh and he had a fever, too. He came home from work to rest and after mulling it over for awhile I took Elliott to the pediatrician and sent Calvin to the local Walgreens for a flu test. They both tested positive for flu type A. At this point I was feeling okay but my calves were achy. I took that as a sign to start a preventative for myself. The next morning I went for a flu test and took the rest of the kids as well. Both Charlotte and I tested positive for flu. Lola and Liam did not, but they were exhibiting some minor symptoms and we were informed that flu tests often show a false negative. Either way, Liam and Lola never went past a stuffy nose.

Within the next 12 hours we did start to feel pretty crummy. Especially Calvin and Elliott. I was feeling well enough to keep the household moving so I put everyone to bed with quiet activities and continually sanitized surfaces and finished packing, secretly in the closet. I kept worrying about the pace I was keeping, thinking I would surely crash because rest is such an important part of recovery. Thankfully I was able to take some breaks for rest while getting things done. The point of this narrative is to ultimately tell you that we were able to make a complete recovery from Influenza A in only 2 days. Our trip was not ruined, we hit the ground running when we arrived on Saturday and did not suffer any relapses or set-backs due to illness. How did we do this? Here is the protocol we followed:

1. At first sign of illness I started everyone on Boiron Oscillococcinum. This is a homeopathic treatment, but also prevention. I picked up a family pack (30 quantity) at Walgreens and we all downed a little vial every 6 hours. They are WAY cheaper on Amazon so I suggest keeping some on hand and not going broke at Walgreens or Target. I used to keep this in the medicine cabinet but it’s been almost 6 years since any of us have had the flu so I stopped stocking it. This actually makes you feel better, it’s amazing stuff.

2. We were already taking Elderberry syrup and Fermented Cod Liver oil daily so we continued to do this. I credit a large portion of our recovery to having these things in our system already. We weren’t able to prevent the flu completely but we definitely didn’t get a super bad case! I make my own elderberry but you can grab a bottle from my friend Lori’s site on Etsy, she’s a pro. Also, if you are wondering what the heck Fermented Cod Liver Oil is and why you should take it, check out the info here.

3. We continued to eat a balanced diet, lots of dark greens, oranges and broths. Lots of warm liquids, lots of water.  And lots of rest. Well, rest for everyone but me. But you know how that goes.

4. Lastly, at the recommendation of my friend Michelle, who is a certified health coach, we added 50,000 IUs of Vitamin D3 for adults and 25,000 IUs for the kids. This can be used as a preventative as well, but in a lower dose- 10,000 IUs/5,000 IUs. This is obviously a HIGH amount, you would need to discontinue once you are well.

And that’s about it! To be real for a moment, it’s a LOT of work to keep up with all of this for 6 people. When you are using homeopathic meds and syrups you have to give them every 2, 4 or 6 hours depending on the dosage. You will constantly be rubbing something on someone or putting them in an Epsom salt bath. You’ll be boiling water for teas and heating soups. But you’ll also be taking charge of your health and caring for your family with your own two hands. Sickness can be a time to serve. We are evidence that supporting, rather than suppressing, the body’s function can many times lead to a much faster recovery.

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