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“Snow” Day

“Snow” Day

This week held many plans. Plans to gather with friends, work from home and take Liam to his first day of Mother’s Day out. And then it happened. It got cold. And in Hendersonville, school gets canceled (it’s 7 degrees). The reasons for canceling school are valid and compassionate. There are kids within our county who don’t have coats and have to wait on buses, there are schools with sub-par heating systems. So for the few, the many will get a day off.

This doesn’t change the fact that I had a nice little pity party and even texted my friends so they could join in. I typically enjoy a snow/cold day. I love having an unexpected day off with my kids. But not when Christmas Break has barely passed and we are desperate to return to our routine again. But alas, the early dismissal followed by the “cold” day off was upon us. I puffed out my chest and decided this was going to be great, it was Lola’s birthday after all. And just like that my Mommy expectations started to creep up on me. Visions of a perfectly executed breakfast party followed by hours of blissful birthday themed play and children who oozed with kindness and thankfulness. Getting a day off would surely result in thankfulness. Surely.

And so, when I opened my eyes at 6am, I continued to fantasize about children lounging in bed until at least 7:45am and then calmly descending the stairs, awakened by the smell of bacon sizzling in the skillet. Moments later one 7 year old slipped into our bed, demanding more blanket coverage and sticking his feet into my spleen. His younger brother was already in the bed because he heard something scary and I could hear some strange grunting noises coming from the monitor that allows us to spy on everyone upstairs.

And then the day began. Bad moods everywhere, running, screaming. Every. single. child. on some kind of birthday and sub-zero weather induced high.

I gritted my teeth, said a prayer and quickly made a nice breakfast, complete with a candle. One screamed the entire way through breakfast and had to be removed from the table and we barely made it through breakfast before another one had a meltdown because maybe someone said something rude. Not sure.

The Mommy Expectations are evil, evil little things. They make you think you’ve got it all wrong. They lie to you, steal your worth.

And while a room full of little sinners argue in the next room over which play-doh color they want to use next, I’m holed up in the office adjusting my expectations, finding my worth in my Creator and preparing to have a heart check with those four. And yes. They are sinners. So am I and so are you. That’s why it’s pretty darn stupid to EVER depend on those sweet monsters to live up to the fantasies we create in our mommy heads.

And then 3 different cups of liquid spilled on the ground. And I calmly wiped up each spill. And we had a few good moments.

If you find yourself in a similar situation today live in those good moments, lower your expectations for yourself and your kiddos, invite a friend over, drink some coffee and let love cover a multitude of sins.


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