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REVIEW: Surprised by Motherhood (book)

REVIEW: Surprised by Motherhood (book)

Now that I’m a seasoned mom I have a few inside secrets I share with moms to be. Not tips and tricks, because let’s face it, every baby is different and sometimes a new mom just has to figure out what works for her. Instead I lean over and whisper, “Don’t be freaked out, but right after you have the baby your belly will literally feel like jello. It will go away though so don’t be freaked out! Like for real. You can kinda pick it up and move it around a little.”

This is just one of the things that totally caught me off guard after having a baby. I went into cold sweats wondering “so this is my new stomach… forever??” Erica with her bowl full of jelly. Thankfully it firmed up just a few days later but in an effort to educate I now share this little tidbit with my expecting friends.

It’s probably strange that I go around whispering this into pregnant ears but I have always felt that the glowing mystery of pregnancy needed to be tempered a little. In the midst of the miraculous event that pregnancy is, there is also a bunch of weird stuff and emotional stuff and even gross stuff. One doesn’t need to be scared, just prepared.

After reading Surprised by Motherhood: Everything I Never Expected about Being a Mom I’m thinking that Lisa-Jo Baker probably agrees with that sentiment. However, preparing for birth and preparing for Motherhood are two very different things. Birth is often empowering, a rush of adrenaline caused by bringing forth life. And then. Then. You are driving home from the hospital with a live person in the backseat. Completely dependent on you.

This is where Surprised by Motherhood picks up. Lisa-Jo’s words echoed every thought, every word I’ve felt growing into my motherhood. And she did it without offering parenting advice. Grace, love, prayer and perspective were the themes in this book. Her journey to motherhood is filled with sorrow, loss and redemption and though it is nothing like my own, I found so many parallels in the challenges of raising strong-willed boys and relying on God just. to. get. through. the. day.

If you are needing a huge helping of grace and truth spoken into your motherhood or motherhood-to-be I highly suggest picking up this book. Read it with your friends, laugh and cry with them. Seasoned mamas, pick up this book, read it and pass it on to a new mama, struggling to fit into her new skin. And Lisa-Jo says that the best compliment to this book is chocolate cake, so grab some of that too. Encouragement and chocolate go hand in hand.

I became a mother in four very different ways, I also have two babies in Heaven. For more on my path to motherhood check out Becoming Mommy part 1 and part 2.

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