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Healing can be really difficult to see when you’re still in the middle of it. When you’re parenting a child with sensory issues the progress is slow and often frustrating. And then there are days like today, where you wonder if all the work you put in throughout the year made a big enough difference to take part in a “normal” family activity.

Last night we received a surprise. A thick white blanket, just thick enough for a little sledding covered our neighborhood. After a quick morning visit to the chiropractor and a few throw-downs in response to winter gear we were finally dressed warmly and headed into the snowy morning. With two clearance sleds, scored on last year’s Target shelves, we crunched through the yard to the perfect spot. I waited for the screeching. I waited for the I need to go back inside cries that¬† dominated last year’s snowy adventure. The fear of the crunching underfoot, the fear of the glare coming off the snow, the fear of the sled’s motion.

Instead, we witnessed first hand what a year of healing really looks like. In a word. Joy.


Lola Sledding from Calvin Ho on Vimeo.

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