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Like Yesterday

Like Yesterday

The adoption process is difficult. Not just choosing an agency, doing the paperwork, raising the money… but navigating the ethics and using the rights words and preparing for your child to experience the sadness that only that kind of disruption can bring. The loss is great and I see daily reminders of that as I love my children through the hard times. But adoption is also full of joy. And today is a day when I get to focus on that part. Three years ago I was in Haiti. Not expecting to travel to Ethiopia for at least 4-5 more weeks based on the current court date system. But God had other exciting plans for us.


Goodbyes are hard.

I left the team in capable hands and hopped the next flight home. It was time to meet our precious, sought after, prayed for baby boy. And oh the emotions. The grieving for him, the rejoicing in him.


In all my life I’ll never know how and why and the ins and outs of everything that brought us together as a family. But I’m thankful. It’s been three years since these moments and it seems like yesterday and a lifetime ago. We love you Liam Alula. We are here through it all and I anticipate, with hope and joy, the day we travel back to sweet Ethiopia together. I love your birth country almost as much as I love you. Almost.


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