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All Things New

All Things New

I often find myself cringing while reading certain publications and blogs about adoption. There is a common theme of misusing adoption theology as application for the adoption of children. While I understand that this provides a beautiful picture of Salvation for the parent or other witnesses to the adoption, it, while unintended, places a level of shame on a child. Comparing their past experiences and orphan status to sin is a stretch and in my opinion, inappropriate. James 1:27 provides all the conviction and charge that we need to make adoption part of our Christian culture.

It is no secret that we live in a fallen, hurt and sinful world. As a result parents die. Families split. People starve. Children live in orphanages. This is another reason for pause when speaking about orphan care and adoption in relation to God’s will. I don’t believe that it was God’s will for children to grow up apart from those who gave birth to them. It is a traumatic severing of what was intended to be beautiful. A loss at best.

What I do believe is this: When everything fails, when everything breaks, when everything falls apart, God has a plan. For our children that plan was adoption. And in His infinite goodness and beauty He picked up the broken pieces of my story and wove them anew with the stories of two children from across the waters. He created a new plan, a new beginning and while we are desperately inadequate at times we rely on his grace to equip us for the journey.

Let us be careful with our stories. Let us be respectful to our children.
Let us give glory to God who makes all things new.

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