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Mother’s Day Gift Guide: 2015

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: 2015

On Sunday mornings I typically spend a bit of time at the computer checking email, writing and sometimes checking for deals online. As I opened my gmail account this morning I was reminded, by every retailer I’ve ever purchased from, that Mother’s Day is coming and I should hurry up and order a robe, skin care or a candle for my deserving momma. This got me thinking about what I wanted for Mother’s Day because I’ll be honest, gifts are part of my love language. I love mother’s day, and my birthday… and my anniversary. You get the picture. I don’t actually love that about myself but hey, can’t change it now!  Back to the robes and candles… My initial reaction to the wares proposed online was one of annoyance. So cliche’, like dads and ties or football phones. However, if my sweet babies showed up bedside on Mother’s Day morning with arms full of candles and robes I would be elated. That’s just how moms are. We devour anything our kids give us. Handwritten notes, dandelions planted in clumps of dirt, necklaces made of painted pasta. Riches I tell you, riches.

So the list I’m about to give is really for you Dads, who are married to moms. Because candles and robes are nice but thinking outside those lines is even nicer. Click on bold links to view products.

31 Bits jewelry: 31 Bits really takes the Uganda bead/Give back model phenomenon to the next level. Their pieces are gorgeous and expertly curated. A piece of 31 Bits is something to be treasured for years to come. Check out their Mother’s Day gift pairings and also this little gem of a deal I found on their sale page: Garland Glam bracelet set ($15!)

Sseko Designs Sandals: I have had my Ssekos for quite awhile now and they are still a go-to, especially when I travel. The straps can be changed out easily for different colors and patterns. One pair of sandals that can change colors, patterns and styles with ease… perfection. Tack on the fact that the Sseko model gives women a chance to earn income and pursue an education and you’ve got double perfection. Read about two new Mother’s on the Sseko blog, just in time for Mother’s day!


Fair Trade Tea, Coffee and Chocolate from Equal Exchange: This one requires very little description. Delicious Tea. Chocolate. Fairly obtained and traded. Here are a few suggested products… and a tip! Sign up for their email list and you’ll receive a coupon for 10% off and free shipping!

Fair Trade Gift Set ($45) Contains coffee, chocolate and tea.
Chocolate Collection Gift Set ($30) Variety of fair trade chocolate
Variety of Tea from Tea Collection (prices vary)

Journaling Bible: Journaling Bibles have really become popular this year. This is largely due to the fact that we women enjoy making something beautiful. Doodling, drawing and creating while reading passages in the Bible is freeing for us, it brings us joy and helps us pull out the beauty in God’s word. These Bibles are literally sold out everywhere with the soonest ship dates in late June. However! I did find one after much searching. (Click here) UPDATE: I found an NIV version in the depths of Amazon:NIV Journalling Bible

– Writing Utensils, here are a few that work well:
Crayola Twistables Colored Pencils
Pigma Micron Assorted Colors Pen Set

– Lettering handbook
The Art of Whimsical Lettering (also available on kindle)


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