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Reflections on Race, Charleston and Ultimately Love

Disclaimer: sensitive and truthful information will be presented in this blog post. This is a direct account of my experiences with race, racism and everything in between.

When I was four my best friend was Melvin. Melvin lived across the street and I looooved him. Melvin was my very first black friend. We lived in North Dakota, which is not known for its diverse population. Poor Melvin was the recipient of my unrelenting love, I used to rub his arm and tell him how beautiful his skin was. I would hope that maybe being around him more would turn my skin from pale white to deep brown. I also enjoyed playing with Melvin, he was a fun kid, I wasn’t just using him to turn me brown. I promise. Looking back it does sound a bit silly, but we were four, we shared chicken pox, he was my pal… of course I wanted to be like him. No one told us the ugly history that could hurt our relationship and our ideas about each other down the road.

My family slowly made its way down south. To Charleston. The place I call home, where I was raised. People always called Charleston the “melting pot” because there were people of all races, colors and ethnicity living there together. I had my first touch with racism in Charleston.

In Elementary school I had a diverse group of friends, including a best friend named Angel. Angel was good for me. She knew about the world and told it like it was. I asked Angel one day to teach me what it was like to be black. (I would later ask my friend Lim (who was Korean) to teach me what it was like to be Korean and my friend Anya (who was Mexican) to teach me about being Hispanic.

God bless Angel, she gently walked me through her young life, the things she had seen and how her parents had been treated in certain situations. And she did this without getting angry at me, pushing me away OR lumping me in with the people who treated her family badly. I credit Angel with allowing me to see the truth of race relations at a young age, thus shaping how I would interact with all people for the rest of my life.

I am certain I needed to hear the truth at a young age because as I grew I heard a lot of hatred and dismissal coming out of adult mouths. I also heard things that weren’t hateful… but rather misconceptions and misinterpretations handed down from generation to generation. You know… things like “they are just different” “we are better off staying with our own kind.” The kind of trash that festers up within people and makes lies into truths. When the truth is, yes, we are different but we are all better when we’re together.

There were also the high school years. Where everyone was tense. Where everyone had a label. White preppy kids, token black friends, Blacks, Asians, Goths, Alternative, White trash, Country boys… like I said 1 million labels. People placed labels on each other, on themselves and honestly it’s a miracle we all survived. I continued to have a varied crowd of friends but playing soccer pushed me into a predominately white crowd, while chorus and show choir preserved my more diverse relationships. I mentioned token black kids above because I saw a lot of this dynamic playing out in high school. Five white guys, one black guy and racist jokes that they politely laughed along with. When I would mention this the response would be like “oh he’s fine, he’s not like most black guys.” Okay. So YOU, white boy, have decided what kind of black person he is. I’m sorry, but I will never get on board with people deciding what other people “are.”

Then I watched roots. Then I read books. Then I talked to more and more people of color trying to figure out why all this stuff was still hanging around. Because all the white people in my life (not my parents) seemed to think that everyone should be over the past by now. And what I found is that no, it wasn’t that long ago. And RIGHT NOW isn’t that long ago. Racism is alive and well and the fact that we have a black president doesn’t change any of that. I am so over Obama being the shining example that racism is dead.

Our education system skims over that part of our history in a couple paragraphs. Parents ideas filter down to their children in their mumblings and jokes. There is a general lack of education about what really transpired in our country and yet some white people still get their feelings hurt when we celebrate black history month. And above all people seem to forget that one experience with one person or a certain group of people does not represent that entire people group across the board. Generalizing is the devil when it comes to race.

Generalizing on all sides keeps us from moving forward. Education, a willingness to LISTEN, a willingness to have conversations that may get awkward, a willingness to apologize is what we need to move forward.

I mentioned above that Charleston is my hometown. You have all heard about the 9 people who were murdered in their church. This act of racism has set off an explosion of debate. And now the flag. And I almost have to just stay off of facebook because instead of honoring the dead and focusing on the issue at hand people are drawn to spew their toxic opinions and fight with one another. Here’s my one sentence opinion on the flag. Take it down from government buildings. Sure people have freedom of speech. But that flag DOES NOT deserve to fly over a government building. And the saddest thing to me? It took the murder of 9 black people IN A CHURCH to start this discussion.

Charleston folks seem to be handling the situation well. My mom and sister are reporting to me from home, sending me pictures of the flowers and people joining together in front of the church. We are all shocked and devastated over what happened. But here lies the challenge Charleston. What next? The country is watching and I pray that as a community you start asking the hard questions, listening to the hard answers and having zero tolerance for racism on all sides. And just plain learning to love and respect differences.

“Above all, put on love. The perfect bond of unity.”

Colossians 3:14


 – There is much more to tackle, these reflections and opinions are far from suggesting a solution, but hopefully spur dialogue and reflection in the hearts of readers-

Chicago: Part 2 (Attractions)

Oh Chicago… it seems everyone loves you! I’ve had countless conversations since our visit and everyone shares how much they enjoy their trips to the Windy City. I’m sure that has something to do with the vast amount of entertainment choices the city has to offer. We weren’t able to do it all but here are a few attractions/activities that we enjoyed on our visit:

Blue Man Group: Dare to Live in Full Color –  I was somewhat skeptical about Blue Man Group. Silly fun isn’t my favorite. I don’t enjoy comedians or gimmicky things. I also had this idea that they just played drums and splattered paint on things. Well folks, there is a reason this show has been going strong for nearly 25 years. It has strong theatrical influence, it’s interesting, it’s hilarious, it’s heart warming, it’s FUN… it’s very different from anything I’ve ever seen. Three blue men take you on a quirky little journey through music, discovery and connection. Audience participation is huge as the show takes over the entire theater… not just the stage. I’ll never forget moving it to some bizarre song about shaking my “can” while playing toss up with ginormous glowing beach balls in a black-lit, neon glowing auditorium with hundreds of other adults-turned-children. If that’s sounds ridiculous to you, you probably just need to get over it and secure some tickets to see the show. You won’t be sorry.

Current Deals: Upon purchasing a ticket for Blue Man Group, guests can receive a free ticket to visit Chicago’s Willis Tower Skydeck (where they can step out onto one of the building’s “Ledge” glass boxes) or 360 Chicago (for unparalleled views of Michigan Avenue and Lake Michigan.) College students who are studying in Chicago or home for the summer can enjoy the thrills of Blue Man Group for a discounted price. Upon presenting a valid college ID, they can get a discounted ticket for $35. Student tickets are available two hours prior to show time, based on availability.

Special Needs Accomodation: In 2015, Blue Man Group is supporting Austism Speaks. They will donate a minimum of $25,000 and are doing specific autism-friendly shows this year. Even if you can’t make one of their specific shows, individuals with autism are still encouraged to attend the show at any time. Noise cancelling headphones available. Parents of children with autism need to know if the children crave the heavy sensory input or prefer to avoid it.

iFLY: Ever Dream of Flying?
Let’s just say I spent a lot of time being skeptical on this trip. But isn’t that why we travel? To challenge ourselves, discover new things… iFly was one of these new things. There were people of all ages packed into the Chicago iFLY building. Some watching others fly, some suiting up to prepare for their skydiving experience. We watched a short video with our group, listened to the instructor and learned some hand signals we would need during the flight. Then it was time to put on our goggles and earplugs and head into the chamber. The instructor remains in the chamber with new flyers, like us, and gives instructions and tips with hand signals.

It really was an amazing sensation, totally weightless and flying. And you can’t help but smile like a crazy person because if you don’t you’ll just drool all over yourself. Flying with a group is also a lot of fun, even as strangers we were excited to watch our new friends figure out how to fly and stay balanced in the chamber. There were also some locals who obviously visited on a consistent basis to work on new maneuvers. In the end, our trainer did a demonstration for everyone to enjoy.

The location in Chicago was a little far out for us but there’s outdoor shopping and an outlet mall nearby so anyone could maximize their trip that way. Also, there are plans for an iFLY location in Lincoln Park which would be very convenient. I’m sure this would be even more entertaining with a group of people you actually know. We are looking forward to visiting iFLY with our kids in tow next time!

Special Needs Accommodation: We are always asking questions and watching for companies that go the extra mile to accommodate children and adults with special needs or disabilities. We were happy to hear, from the iFLY representative, that they have a program for children who are autistic. Alex, with emotion in her voice, told me some amazing stories about what flying does for these awesome kids on a sensory level. She also explained how they accommodate for other guests who have additional needs. Very exciting to hear, great job iFLY!


Brookefield Zoo –  There are two zoos in Chicago. Lincoln Park and Brookefield. Lincoln is free and Brookfield is not. However, Brookefield does offer a wider range of attractions. Dolphins, polar bears and the butterfly garden are just a few of the additional attractions at Brookefield. We made time to watch the Dolphin show at Brookefield and we felt it was really well done and educational. There was a baby dolphin being adorable and playing with his trainer… so of course we couldn’t help but love the whole experience.


Brookefield is simply bigger and more like a theme-park experience zoo. BUT… it is very far away from everything else you might want to do in Chicago.

kangaroo DSC_8326

So plan ahead, if you want to take your family there, and make time to spend the whole day there enjoying what the zoo has to offer. It’s also a better deal to book your tickets online. You are allowed to choose 3 extra attractions while saving about $5 per person.


Chicago Cubs Calvin loves baseball, so of course we headed to Wrigley field (bricks and ivy!) to root for the home team. There’s not much to report here, Wrigley is just one of those parks that you must check off your list. Unfortunately we got caught in a rain delay and ended up leaving before the game is over (even worse, they had a walk-off run in the 9th inning). Calvin purchased our tickets on StubHub so here’s your money saving tip of the day: Our Kroger gives 2-4x gas points on all gift card purchases. We purchased a Stubhub giftcard from Kroger and racked up some points! Saving on gas purchases in the Summer is always a good thing with all the extra driving we do. Also, unless you’re going to a popular game, you can usually get tickets at the cheapest price about a day or day and a half before the game. Here’s your funny story from the game: I was waiting in line for a pretzel and a friendly, grandfatherly PURE Chicago kinda guy struck up a conversation. He asked where I was from… Tennessee…. with the biggest smile he exclaimed “well you’re the only 10- I- see. Here’s a drink on me, welcome to Chicago!” and offered to buy me a beer from the cart. He was completely adorable, just happy to be watching the Cubs on a Saturday night.


Sight Seeing – We made sure to hit all the major tourist areas. Navy Pier, Magnificent Mile and of course Millennium Park (the Bean). Navy Pier is currently under construction and is always very jam-packed with people. This combination made the whole experience mildly annoying. However we still enjoyed the lake views and a Chicago style hot-dog. I would hate going there with kids, it’s a glorified version of a tourist trap with pricey junk food and souvenir stores. Sorry Navy Pier. Now… Magnificent Mile? I loved it. Great shopping, great restaurants and fun street performers all in one area. That pretty much sums it up! Millennium Park was also a favorite. A beautiful park with great art, surrounded by the gorgeous Chicago architecture… definitely a hit. And we did the fun touristy thing and took a picture in the the reflection of the giant silver bean. Hint: Watching people taking their picture in the bean is way more entertaining than actually doing it yourself.

So yes, dear Chicago, we love you. Thank you for treating us to a great weekend. If you missed part 1 (lodging, transportation, food), you can catch up here.

Disclaimer: Blue Man Group, iFLY Chicago, and Brookefield Zoo kindly provided us admission for this feature. As always, the opinions are my own.

Storyteller Missions

As most of you know my employment history is largely steeped in international missions and orphan care. After a year and a half of focusing on being mommy I am excited to share that I have re-entered the world I love. A few weeks ago I was invited to join the Storyteller Missions team as their community coordinator. This position, averaging 9-10 hours per week has fit seamlessly into our hectic family pace.

So what, exactly, is Storyteller Missions? Storyteller is the missions department of America World Adoption, the agency we used to bring Lola into our family. Storyteller sends teams to work with orphanages in India, Uganda, China and Haiti. We have the opportunity to pour ourselves into these kids for a week or so, showing them the love of Christ. Team members rock babies, remove jiggers (click here if you have no idea what that is), minister to orphanage staff members and just have a great time bringing some joy to the kids. Additionally, team members are able to meet and advocate for children to be adopted when the situation allows. We are teams of story tellers, entering into a child’s story for a moment but returning as advocates.

I am especially excited to head to Uganda next month. It’s been far too long since I’ve walked on red clay and held the hands of new friends. The pineapple is also calling my name… but that’s just a bonus. I am so joyful to see Uganda’s children, to play games and share Jesus and just dwell in that space where you remember how small you are and how Big the God is that unites us all.



Chicago: Part 1 (Lodging, Transportation, Food)

Our nine-year wedding anniversary rolled around last week. Calvin had casually mentioned just doing a joint thing, nice restaurant, no gifts etc. I should have known he had something in the works. And that something was a four-day adventure to Chicagoland.


Calvin and I love a bargain, so it’s fitting that this Chicago review is full of budget friendly tips and deals. Leaving room for things like a quick trip to ZARA for some Summer essentials. Here is a run down of all the deals and all the fun.

Lodging: Hotels in Chicago, especially in Spring and early Summer, are outrageous. We utilized AirBnB to get a great deal on a studio apartment. The apartment had more room than a hotel room, a full kitchen, a record player(!) and it was close to an L station. (More on the “L” in a bit.) Our host even had fresh towels and toiletries in a basket waiting for us. We also enjoyed living like “city people” rather than staying in just another hotel. Adds to the authentic adventure feel.


Transportation: Last November, we signed up for a Southwest Visa credit card to take advantage of the 50,000 miles sign-up offer. This can be equivalent to about 3-4 round trip flights if used correctly. For this trip, we went ahead and used points (you still have to pay the taxes) . Right now if you sign up for a Southwest credit card you can still get 50,000 points if you spend $2,000 in the first 3 months of opening your account. We use our credit card like cash for our regular purchases (gas, groceries etc) and pay it off monthly. The rewards are valuable if you can discipline your spending to use it correctly. We did not rent a car in Chicago. The “L” which is a cool train transit line took us everywhere we needed to go. We took it from the airport to the apt and then all over the city. We purchased a 3 day-pass for $20 each. So for $40 each we had all the transportation we needed to navigate Chicago easily. The Google Maps app took out all the intimidation of public transportation. It gives  step-by-step instructions for the L and bus system as well as ETAs for the train stops.

      FYI: Southwest currently has (as low as) $116 one-way tickets to Chicago! Ends tomorrow 6/18/2015

Food: We really didn’t have to over-think the food situation. There are great restaurants in all the little neighborhoods that make up Chicago, you can easily find a great hot dog, pizza, or Italian beef sandwich. Definitely check Groupon ahead of time and download their app for local food deals. On the night we saw the Blue Man Group, we purchased a Groupon for Four Belly (asian street food) ahead of time since it was down the street from the theater. Our biggest money saver was a new program called Spring Rewards (Nashville folks – The link is for free $10 to Sky Blue Cafe for signing up). Through Spring Rewards, we saved about $80 on food. Many of our meals ended up being $3-$8 after tip!

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 9.31.14 AM

I personally love Spring Rewards because I didn’t have to hand the waiter a coupon or voucher, show my phone etc. We pre-loaded the deals into our account and the money was credited back to us from Spring Rewards. For example, we had a $15 (receive $15 back when you spend $15 or more) Spring Reward for a sushi restaurant. We went in, ordered a couple of rolls for an early dinner and spent $15.35. We tipped the waiter accordingly and we received the email moments later that a $15 refund was on the way. We used Spring Rewards to get lunches at little to no cost and also used this method to eat dinner by “restaurant hopping” having smaller meals at 2-3 restaurants. It was a fun challenge and a way to try several places.

IMG_4454 IMG_4453

Our one splurge was at The Purple Pig which is located on the Magnificent Mile. It was apparently voted as one of the top 10 restaurants in America by Bon Appetit. And yes. It was amazing. Definitely put it on your splurge list for Chicago. We ordered small plate items and shared and still got out just under $40.

General: I have definitely fallen in love with Chicago. I know some may disagree, but I saw a lot of warmth in the people there. I saw people give up seats on the L for women with babies, I saw people chat and communicate with strangers who looked very different from them. I watched blind adults navigate the public transit system. So much diversity and respect for others. I think maybe I’m just in love with public transportation… but still, I saw some great stuff on there. Another thing I love about Chicago is that it’s not ragingly expensive. No $20 hamburgers! Everything seemed to cost about what we would see in Nashville. We even ate deep dish pizza at the famed Pequod’s pizza for $4.99. I would call Chicago, the no fuss city. Just come as you are, enjoy the city, enjoy some art, enjoy some food. Can’t wait to go back.

Part 2 of our Chicago review is coming later this week! We will be sharing about the activities, attractions and sites we enjoyed while in Chicago.

June 2015 Netflix Streaming Releases, Kids Edition

Not many this month. At the end of the month, Regal is having $1 movies on Tuesdays and Thursdays (schedule below).

Netflix Streaming (for Kids)

6/16: Curious George (2006)

6/26: Dragons: Race to the Edge (Season 1)

Regal Summer Movie Express:

Admission to the Summer Movie Express is only $1. Tickets available for purchase at the box office and all movies start at 10:00 am. A portion of the proceeds goes to the Will Rogers Institute.

  • Week 1
    Nut Job (Tuesday, June 30)
    Annie (Thursday, July 1)
  • Week 2
    Earth to Echo
    The Boxtrolls
  • Week 3
  • Week 4
    Rio 2
    How To Train Your Dragon 2
  • Week 5
    Mr. Peabody & Sherman
    The Book of Life
  • Week 6
    Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb
    Penguins of Madagascar
  • Week 7
    Madagascar 3
    Dolphin Tale 2
  • Week 8
    Muppets Most Wanted
    Alexander and the Very Bad Day
  • Week 9
    The Lego Movie
    The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

Father’s Day Gift Guide: 2015

06-16-2015: Find @goodbye_normal on Instagram for a giveaway!

It’s that time of the year again. Here are some favorites of mine:

1. Just Porter: A pack that gives back – High-quality backpacks that have great design and functional qualities. For each backpack purchased, Just Porter manufactures a “give bag” filled with school supplies for a child in need. These give bags are manufactured locally and the supplies are purchased from local markets, promoting a sustainable solution in the areas they give. We love the Piko for daily commuting. Look for our full review in the coming weeks. Get it on Amazon.

2. SWAP Socks: Mismatch for a purpose – Purposely mismatched socks that come in packs of 4. They serve as an eye-catching, wearable statement and reminder to support the movement to end preventable blindness. Each (HIGH QUALITY) pack gives you the freedom to swap styles around, and create 6 unique pairs to choose from. Each pack sold funds an eye care service for a person in need. Buying socks for Father’s Day can be cool. (Read our full review here and use code 25OFFNEW for 25% off new orders!)

3. SOCO Hammocks: Kick back give back – I gifted Calvin an ENO last year but learned about SOCO a few months ago. After the cost of the hammock and straps, the cost and quality for both end up being about the same. However, the setup for SOCO is faster and the straps (made in USA) provide six more feet of hanging capability vs. ENO Atlas straps. Lastly, SOCO gives 10% of sales back to non profit organizations. Our full review is coming soon but you should get one now. Get it on Amazon.

4. Drink for Good: Cause bottles –  Each bottle represents a unique cause and proceeds from every sale go to different charities. All bottles are bpa-free, made of recycled materials and made in the USA. The designs speak for themselves. A couple of our favorite cause bottles are adoption and recovery.

5. Sanuk: Never uncomfortable – We’ve got a busy summer of camping and trips upon us so Calvin was looking for a great pair of slip on shoes that were comfortable. He loves wearing TOMS but needed something with a little bit more support. We landed on the Casas ($55) and he’s loving them so far…in a month or so we’re going to give an update on how they hold up. Get it on Amazon. Ladies, while you’re at it, pick yourself up some Yoga Slings, I love ’em!

6. Dropcam: Simple video monitoring – A great indoor camera that literally takes minutes to set up. The phone app can notify you of sound or motion detection if you are away from home in addition to having a great night vision feature. If this was available years ago, we would’ve even considered using this as a baby monitor and not have to get rid of it after the baby stage. Get it on Amazon. (You can read a full review via At Home in the Future)

7. Fitbit Flex: Set a goal and go – Among my friends, this seems to be the most popular model. This slim, stylish device tracks steps, distance, and calories burned and shows you how you’re stacking up against daily goals. At night, it tracks your sleep cycle, helps you learn how to sleep better, and wakes you silently in the morning. Access your stats anytime on your computer, tablet or smartphone. You can even compete with friends and family. Get it on Amazon.

8. Keysmart: Less keychain bulk – This one’s pretty simple. Put your keys into a swiss army style holder made out of aircraft grade aluminum. Be aware that it won’t hold your car keys or any others with a big rubber piece attached to it. Also, don’t get the 2-4 key default model because it’s too small, you want to at least add the 2-10 key option. There are other add-ons available, such as USB drive and bottle opener. Bonus fact, these are also made in the USA. Get it on Amazon.

Shark Teeth

The story I’m sharing today is steeped in trauma. In fact, it’s so fresh I’m not sure I’ve completely processed it and healed properly.

This is the story of Charlotte losing her first two teeth. And seriously, I’m not exaggerating about the trauma.

It began about two weeks ago. The mildly loose two bottom teeth were starting to move just a little more. An excited Charlotte wiggled them a little and then demonstrated the wiggliness close enough for me to see the inside of her mouth. Just like her older brother, Charlotte had a nice set of shark teeth coming in. I learned the term shark teeth when two teeth showed up in the roof of Elliott’s mouth. Thanks google. His teeth came in so far back that the dentist had to get involved… extraction etc. By the way, no one ever told me about the perils of loose teeth and pulling teeth. I may have had less kids if I had known.

Charlotte’s teeth, however, were coming in very close to her baby teeth. The dentist recommended that she work on them and wiggle them and let us pull them at home. As the two weeks went by we wiggled and wiggled and tied floss on them and wiggled more. The more we wiggled the more paranoid and defensive Charlotte got. By the time they were loose enough to attempt pulling, her new adult teeth were pushed tightly against the baby teeth. And she literally would not let us touch them. She was terrified. We made several attempts and promised packs of gum, Care Bears, dollars. Nothing could bribe her into letting us pull her teeth. She would clench her lips and teeth together and sob as we tried to reason with her.

The day finally came when we could not let her go any longer. Her teeth were shifting and pushing on the baby teeth. It was all looking really messy. So with promises of lip gloss and other goodies we gave her a piece of ice to suck on, hoping it would numb her gums a little, and proceeded to talk her through the process of pulling her tooth. We went through almost an hour of her panicking, needing drinks of water and sobbing before she finally let me grab hold of her tooth with a little rag. The tooth was very loose, but the roots were still intact because the new tooth came in behind rather than under. With a fair amount of force I had to twist the tooth completely around to break it free for the gums and pull. As I twisted I could feel the gums ripping away and it literally took my breath away. As I tore the tooth free I broke down, sobbing and telling Char how sorry I was. I watched as the blood began to flow and her eyes grew wider with fear as she tasted it in her mouth.  I had to dig deep to gather myself and help Calvin get her to a sink where she rinsed with cold water until we placed gauze in her mouth.

I have watched my kids get hurt, I’ve sat with them in recovery after surgeries, I’ve held a terrified 5 year old in my arms and whispered “I’m your mom now” but I’ve never felt pain in my heart like this. Crying in general is rare for me… yet this event ripped my mommy heart in two. Kids lose teeth all the time but this was a full two weeks of tearful, terrified anticipation. And it was me who would inflict pain and end the anticipation of the dreaded event.

I’m not sure I was prepared to love so much, so deeply and so painfully. This was a tooth. But it caused me to think far into the future. About the pain I would endure with and for my kids. About the dangers lurking around the corner. About the possible trauma and heartache I would walk through with my children.

Removing Charlotte’s tooth (and a second one the next day!) was necessary. We had to create space for a new adult tooth that had already begun to take its place. The pain was an unfortunate but unavoidable part of this process. Many more necessary events will happen in her life that lead to growth and maturity, and from experience I already know some of these will be painful. What a weird revelation to have while ripping out teeth. To realize that the surprises and joys and sorrows of motherhood are really just beginning. To begin to understand that enduring with my children may devastate me to the core at times.

And as I began to ponder the implications of this new knowledge I realized even more how much I need to give to God in regards to my children. His wisdom and His word will be my lifeline as I continue to grow as a mother. And to be honest, I’m pretty scared. When you realize that motherhood is deeply complex with its range of emotions and attachments you start to take every moment pretty seriously. I do not have a wonderful, beautifully written advice-laden ending to this story. It simply ends with me, a mom at the beginning of a long journey… giving her burdens to the Lord and learning to trust him to speak truth into my life.

And also hoping beyond hoping for no more shark teeth.

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