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Gift Guide: Fresh picks for the ones who have it all

Gift Guide: Fresh picks for the ones who have it all

We all have a few people on our list that are difficult to buy for. Either they don’t care, have everything or don’t express what they might want. In order to help we’ve rounded up our favorite unique picks for Christmas lists everywhere.

1. Keyport Slide: Key Holder & Multi-Tool


After playing with the Keysmart four months ago, Calvin was still on the hunt for an alternative to the everyday clunky bulky keychain… something compact and maybe even useful. A bit of googling led us to Keyport. The Keyport is pretty fun to unbox and I think anyone, especially guys, would be excited about opening this as a gift. The sleek packaging is a nice precursor to the shiny new toy inside. The Slide is appropriately named as you slide each accessory as needed.

IMG_3177 copy

Build It:

If you build your own, you can choose up to six items (three on each side) to put in your Slide. For an example, I ended up with a car key, house key, pen, flashlight, bottle opener, and USB Flash drive. You can insert each piece on your own, laying it out however you want, changing it if you don’t like it or if you purchase additional items later. In addition, you can even customize the Keyport with a logo or phrase of your own. The folks at Keyport surprised us with a Goodbye Normal logo that I absolutely love!

IMG_3320 copy

Cutting the Keys:

One of the main things you’ll need to consider when purchasing the Keyport is that the keys are not delivered cut for your house, car, etc. If you are gifting this and want them to be functioning right out of the box, you will need to get the blanks cut ahead of time. The picture above is a blank key that I will eventually have cut for my house lock. When you order the Keyport, you will need to know what type of blanks you need or use their template to determine what you’ll need. The website recommends a couple different solutions on how to get the keys cut, I ended up going to my local Ace Hardware and they had no issues with the key. In fact, the workers there were really intrigued by the product and I gave them the promo cards that came with my unit. On a very rare occasion, a key can be misidentified between similar key types. In such an instance, Keyport will simply send you the corrected blank free of charge. They also provide replacement blanks free of charge if the locksmith miscues a key (FYI: they highly recommend that you do not go to a big box retailer like Home Depot or Lowes).

IMG_3317 copy


I love the look of the Keyport and a nice little bonus is the absence of crashing keys when dropped onto the kitchen counter. If you are adding accessories in addition to keys, it can add up but I view it as a one-time cost so it’s easier to look past. Unless you completely lose your keys, you shouldn’t have to replace anything (they also have a lost and found program on the website where everyone’s unit has a unique code for the finder to enter in and contact you). If your spouse or significant other likes cool gadgets and hates having bulky keys, this is a great and fun option.

Build Your Keyport
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2. Cozzee: Coffee and a Cause

If you know me well, you know I need my coffee in the morning. Like many of you, I’ve become more and more aware of where the items I buy are sourced and made. I was first introduced to Cozzee through Blood:Water Mission, who is currently one of Cozzee’s giving partners. Making a difference is the heart and soul of Cozzee. That’s why they give 100% of their profits away to fight 7 of the most urgent causes affecting our world today.

IMG_8688 copy

The Coffee:

Cozeee is specialty-grade coffee. If you are a frequent java drinker, compare this to Starbucks Reserve (without all the drama). I was able to try the beans from Mexico, Ethiopia, and Sumatra. Mexico was my favorite!

The Cause:

Although the quality and taste of the coffee is important, I’m more excited about the cause! Cozzee partners with 7 nonprofits, one for each cause area, every 7 weeks and raise funds for a specific project in each organization. So what are the cause areas? (1) Water & Wells, (2) Food & Farming, (3) Shirts & Shoes, (4) Shelter & Stability, (5) Rescue & Restoration, (6) Justice & Jury, (7) Health & Healing.


I think many people, including me, love a gift that gives back. If you visit the Cozzee site, you can see who all the giving partners are and pick out a bag based off of the type of a specific roast or cause you like. I even got to spend a few minutes on the phone with Rachel from Cozzee and it was clear that they have a huge heart for making an impact in the world through coffee. Lastly, the packaging is perfect for a gift. Modern, fun design makes a big impact.

Cozzee Website

3. Sanuk

Sanuk shoes are known for their yoga-mat quality and comfort. We’ve owned several pair through the years and continue to love the yoga-slings. This year Sanuk really upped their game with a Fall line of boots that had this boot-lover drooling. Calvin will most definitely roll his eyes while reading this because, seriously, boots are my love language.

The Siena Navajo, especially, stole my heart with its Aztec pattern and easy, kick it around town style. I get compliments every single time I wear them out. They pull on easily, can be adjusted and the color is on point. I treated the leather with suede protection spray because I want these babies in my wardrobe for years to come. So men, take a hint. Check out the Sanuk Fall line for original, comfortable boots and shoes that will make a big impact coming out of that wrapping paper. Additionally, Amazon offers free exchanges if she needs a different size!

Buy Sanuk on Amazon

4. Out of Print

Out of Print is my new go-to for gifting my friends who love to read. They have an extensive collection of soft, colorful tees sporting the book covers of some of my most favorite cult classics. I especially love the library print sweatshirt. It really brings me back to Dewy Decimal and the musty, sweet smell of my elementary library. Who doesn’t love the smell of old books?

L-1108_Library-Stamp-gray_Womens_LS_1_1024x1024 Give Back:

For every product purchased, Out of Print donates one book to Books for Africa. Bottom line, Out of Print clothing is a no-brainer for friends and loved ones who are literature lovers. The high quality shirts, with their colorful and accurately displayed book covers are sure to make a fun and lasting impact.

Buy Out of Print on Amazon

5. Pley: Rent Legos and Other Amazing Toys

For the kid who has it all. For the last couple of years, my oldest son has asked for Lego sets. So once you add up allowance money, random gifts, birthday, and Christmas…you end up with a shelf full of Legos. The funny thing about Elliott is that he loves to build but does not necessarily like to play with out-of-the-box sets. So here the parents are complaining about how he’s not playing with his sets yet he is constantly asking for more sets. Now enter Pley. For as little as $20/month, you can get unlimited sets of Legos (and other toys). Think of it as the Netflix of Legos. The grandparents have already suggested to gift Pley in lieu of a traditional gift so we went ahead and started a trial to see if it was a good idea or not.

Pros: NO clutter! Just like Netflix allowed us to clear our bookshelves of DVDs, now we don’t need to worry about shelves of Lego sets everywhere (I can’t even imagine moving right now). Elliott gets to do his favorite part of Lego, which is the actual building.

Living in Tennessee, the turnaround time isn’t the best. Pley’s fulfillment center is in California so I suspect this is the culprit. I’m hoping that they continue to grow so that they can add another warehouse close by. At the rate we’ve been getting sets, I think the best we can do is about 3-4 sets per month. That is assuming we build the set the same day we receive it and mail it the next day.

Conclusion: Some other reviews I’ve found online complained about missing pieces from sets. But Pley has now installed auditing machines that make sure a set is complete before it goes out in the mail. If your child actually likes to play with toys independently, you might not have any reservations for buying toys to keep. For us, Pley is perfect for the child who never plays with toys but still love to build. If you do choose to sign up, please use my referral link.

Disclaimer: Thanks to Sanuk, Keyport, Pley, Out of Print, and Cozzee for providing us products to review. As always, the opinions are my own.

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