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» A Day with Show Hope

» A Day with Show Hope

Our friends at Show Hope invited us over for a few hours last week. Mostly because our kids are cute… but we are also adoption grant recipients and live nearby. After we crashed their offices and our kids talked to EVERYONE and touched EVERYTHING we’re pretty certain we’ve taken that friendship to the next level.

  • Lola approving the Mandarin portions of the team training book
  • The Show Hope ceiling, filled with kids who are now home.
  • Getting ready for the photo shoot!

The kids had such a good time just being themselves, trying on the cute t-shirts and playing a game of red light green light with some of the staff. We are honored to help show off these fun t-shirts that benefit families in the adoption process, and ultimately the children that become part of those families. We know without a doubt that our family would not be the big, bustling beautiful thing it is today without generous givers and grants.


You can check out Show Hope and their fun t-shirts here… and yes, you’ll see our smiling faces when you get there.




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