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» Review: MegaFood Vitamins, Fresh from Farm to Powder

» Review: MegaFood Vitamins, Fresh from Farm to Powder

I have a vitamin hider in my house. Her name might be Charlotte. She takes her carefully selected whole-food vitamin and smiles at me… already scheming where she will dump it. I’ve found it in a plant, in the toilet (slowly dissolving), in a bathroom drawer, in the dog’s food or even on the trampoline. We had many talks and still the vitamins find new homes that aren’t in her tummy.

Enter MegaFood Vitamins. They are full of fresh fruits and vegetables and even have turmeric for good measure. (And no extras like sugar or food-coloring!) The powder is easily digestible and just a small scoop provides them with the support they need for the day. Because we all know how difficult it can be to get enough servings of veggies into these little mouths.



In our experience MegaFood Vitamins worked best in strawberry yogurt smoothies. We simply blended frozen organic strawberries, apples, yogurt and ice with a scoop of the vitamin powder. The kids happily drank away not realizing all the additional benefits they were receiving. We also tried the immune-system support powder and will likely stick with this during cold and flu season. Tip: blend the powders with thick liquid. We did try it in orange juice but it wasn’t a success. Blending in a smoothie is really the best choice.

If you have a vitamin-hider in your house MegaFood is a great way to ensure your child gets what they need without the hassle.


Disclaimer: I received MegaFood vitamin powders as a Moms Meet blogger. As always, these opinions are my own.

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